Morgan Gagnon  |  VP ACADEMIC

Oh hello! My name is Morgan, and I’m from Kingston, ON, the restaurant capital of Canada. After high school, I said goodbye to Harper’s Burgers and Saigon Delights and moved to Toronto for a year to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. The year was full of food trucks and expensive beer - but now I buy my beer at cost from Doolittle’s, our on-campus convenience store! I’m kickin’ it at BU with a double major in Philosophy and Liberal Arts, where I get to do a little bit of everything – I even have a minor in math!

I’m really excited to be your VP Academic this year. I represent you folks on a bunch of committees; everything from Senate, the university’s highest academic body, to the Teaching and Learning Committee, which works to enhance student/teacher partnerships. I also plan a number of initiatives, including Academic Orientation, mock LSAT/MCAT exams, and the shiny new Peer Mentorship Program! 

In all of this, I work very closely with the Head Peer Mentor and student senators. As a team, we are seeking to improve our communication with students in two ways. We want to better communicate to students the role and services of the academic department, and find new ways to engage and represent students to ensure that diverse voices are heard within the department, and the university.


Sara Kobari – Business Senator

Hey purple friends! I’m Sara and this is my fourth and final year at Bishops! Born in Iran, raised in Dubai, I chose Bishop’s because of its purple loving atmosphere. Currently I am studying in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing, however, on my free time I Google pizza recipes, and watch That 70’s Show. Besides fantasizing about food, I also represent every single student at Williams School of Business. My duty as your Business Senator is to ensure your academic needs are being met throughout the year. I intend to further the communication between the business students and the SRC, while addressing any concerns or suggestions you may have to improve your Bishop’s experience, woohoo!


Lauren Audas – Social Science SENATOR

Hey BU! My name is Lauren Audas, I’m from Fredericton, New Brunswick, and am entering my fourth and final year here at Bishop’s, studying International Studies, Political Studies, and French as a Second Language. I am a self-professed coffee addict, adventurer, dog lover, and an avid happy hour attendee.

As Social Science Senator, my role is to represent the views and voices of students studying in the Social Science Department. In the upcoming year, my goals include keeping you informed on the decisions being made so that I can best represent your voice, and to help you access the resources you need to make the most of your Bishop’s experience. If you have any questions, concerns or think of anything in between feel free to send me an email, or to stop me around campus! 


Natalie Lambert – Education SENATOR


Hello fellow Bishop’s Gaiters. My name is Natalie Lambert, I am a fourth year student majoring in Secondary Education and Drama with a minor in French and I will be your Education Senator for the 2016/17 school year. It is my job this year to ensure that your voice is heard. Throughout the year I will take student concerns into consideration and strive to make the best Bishop’s experience for everyone!

I value our school and its reputation of being a fun, tight-knit community where quality education and purple pride is the priority. I want to continue to create a welcoming atmosphere where all students feel at home. I will express my love for our school through my dedication and commitment to the well of our student body.

Bleed purple!


Stephanie Sisam - Humanities SENATOR

I’m a fourth year student studying Music and English, originally from Toronto, Ontario.

As the Humanities Senator I plan to make sure every department, small and large, is given credit and attention for their concerns and ideas. Ultimately I find it most important to make sure every hard working student receives the credit they deserve for the amount of effort they commit to their degrees and their time at Bishop’s. 


Tayler Ross – Natural Sciences SENATOR

I am in my final year at Bishop’s and am completing a double major in Pre-Medicine and Biology: Health Sciences with a minor in psychology. In my year as the Natural Sciences Senator I will represent the needs and desires of the Natural Science students at the GA and Senate as well as many other committees. I have participated in many clubs at Bishop’s ranging from Best Buddies to Pre-Med club.

Always feel free to email me at , and I will do my best to help you.


Kelsy Boucher – Head Peer Academic Mentor

I am in my fourth year at Bishop’s working towards my BBA with a double concentration in Human Resources and Entrepreneurship and minor in English Literature. I was born and raised in the Ottawa Valley in Canada’s designated “Hockey Town”, also known as Pembroke. Having an appreciation for the sense of community that comes with living in a small town is what influenced me to choose Bishop’s as my university. I can always be found at The Gait, either behind the bar working or sitting on the other side. I’m also a part of BUCS, Enactus, and a variety of other clubs on campus. I’m very proud of what we have created and I am excited to be launching Peer Academic Mentoring this year! I have confidence that Bishop’s prospective and current students will benefit greatly from the Academic Mentoring program! If you are a prospective, new, or current student please feel free to contact me regarding any questions dealing with your program of interest at or stop by our office in the old Mackinnon clinic!


Hi Gaiters! My name is Maggie Veitch and I am from Kingston, Ontario entering my fourth and final year at Bishop's studying Health Sciences and Sports Studies.

Some things you must know about me:

  • Self-proclaimed sports fanatic
  • Sangria connoisseur in training
  • Lover of science humour
  • Stayed high and dry during Lennoxvenice 2014

I am thrilled to be your Academic Events Coordinator for this year! Although my role is pretty self-explanatory, I will be representing the SRC on planning committees for both Up for Debate and Research Week. In addition, I will be organizing Bishop's Speaks and making each faculty's Wine and Cheese as memorable as I can! 

I love BU and I hope to help make all academic events an important aspect of the Bishop's experience!