Every year, the SRC recognizes students and community members, nominated by their peers, for a variety of contributions to our campus community. These awards are voted on by the SRC General Assembly and presented at the annual SRC Awards Night.

Nominations should include the name of the person you are nominating and a brief letter (300 words max.) describing why this person should be recognized. Certain awards require additional information to be included with the nomination, as indicated below.

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List of Awards


The Golden Mitre Awards are the highest non-academic honour that graduating students can receive. Recipients are elected by popular vote of the prospective graduating class. The names of the new members shall be announced at the annual SRC Awards Night. Their personal pins and certificates of membership will be presented at the Spring Convocation ceremony. Members shall have their names engraved on the Golden Mitre Honour Society plaque in the order of their rank. The nomination form for this award can be found here.

SRC Merit Award

The SRC Merit Award(s), which is accompanied by a $100 monetary award, shall go to the one or two student(s) who, in the opinion of the Executive Cabinet, has/have rendered outstanding service to the SRC in various areas.

Joseph E. Cassar Award

The Joseph E. Cassar Award, which is accompanied by a $500 monetary award, is given to the student who, in the opinion of the General Assembly as decided by majority vote, has contributed the most to the SRC during the past year.

Ray Lawson Award

The Ray Lawson Award, which is accompanied by a $1000 reduction on tuition, is given to the returning student who, in the opinion of the General Assembly as decided by majority vote, has contributed the most to the life of the university during the past year.

Michel Fontaine Experience Award

The Michel Fontaine Experience Award, which is accompanied by a $500 monetary award, is given to one or two student(s) who, in the opinion of the Executive Cabinet has exemplified the “Bishop’s Experience” through campus leadership, athletics, and/or community involvement. The SRC podium was made by Michel Fontaine’s father in his memory.

Joy Chandler Community Involvement Award

This award is presented to one or two internal or external community members for outstanding contributions to student life, someone who helps bring the community and the students together. Nominations are reviewed by the SRC General Assembly and the names of the winners are announced at the SRC Awards night.  

Joan & Alex Paterson Award*

The selection Committee for this award, is comprised of the Dean of Student Affairs and the SRC Executive Cabinet. Awarded to a graduating student who during his or her years at Bishop’s University, contributes the most to volunteer work and activities in the off campus community. This is accompanied by a $250 monetary award.

Julie Bradshaw Memorial Award*

Established in 2003 in memory of Julie Bradshaw ’80 and given to the Golden Mitre winner with the highest number of votes. This is accompanied by a $550 monetary award (Cheque prepared by Registrar/Records Office for Convocation). The Julie Bradshaw Memorial Prize goes to the Golden Mitre recipient with the most votes. Julia Marie Bradshaw was a BU student (class of 1980) who died in 2001. Julie was a native of the Eastern Townships and in the last months of her life she identified her undergraduate years at Bishop’s as among the happiest in her life. Julie graduated with a B.Sc. in Biochemistry and was very active in campus affairs and student life. She served as a don in residence at Bishop’s and received the Golden Mitre Award at her graduation.

Purple Letter Award

This award is given to those students who have made a consistent contribution to the life of the university and community and who might not otherwise be recognized for their efforts. Award winners are nominated by members of the university and the community. The Purple Letter Award recipients are selected by a committee chaired by the Dean of Student Affairs. Recipients receive a gold pin at the SRC Awards Night.

Olga Reid Memorial Award for Journalism

Awarded annually to the student journalist or writer who, in the opinion of The Campus Editorial Board, has written the best article or series during the academic year. It is accompanied by a $400 monetary award.

JeFf Cannon Memorial Award*

Thisaward is given to a student who best exemplifies Jeff Cannon’s attributes — entrepreneurship, hard work, friendship, a positive attitude and involvement in both the academic and student life at Bishop’s as well as participation in the community life in Sherbrooke and Lennoxville

Accompanied by a $1000 cheque given at Convocation.

Portfolio Awards

Each of the five voting members of the Executive Cabinet shall have up to five awards to give to students who have made a significant contribution to the SRC in their respective areas. The President’s awards shall go to any member of the SRC who has made a significant contribution to the SRC and its operation.

Divisional Teaching Awards – VP Academic

William and Nancy Turner Teaching Award* – VP Academic

Accompanied by a $1000 monetary award given at Convocation.

Academic Cup – VP Academic

The Student Representative Council (SRC) recognizes the importance of acknowledging and rewarding students’ academic accomplishments here at Bishop’s University; the Academic Division Cup is designed to do just that. Throughout the year, a series of points will be distributed according to student accomplishments and academic participation. These include, but are not limited to, academic club involvement; divisional senator events and more. Depending on the circumstance, points may be awarded on a “percentage basis”, to ensure equality among divisions or on a “points per person” basis. Throughout the year, the points will be tallied up and displayed in the SRC hallway to illustrate the progress that each division has made. By the end of the winter semesters, the division with the most accumulated points through both the Fall and Winter semester will be awarded with a $500 grant and the prestigious honour of being the first division or school to win. The winner will be announced through social media as well as during the SRC Awards ight. The money will be given to the Dean of the winning division, and the Dean and Division Senator will proceed as is necessary to decide how the grant will be spent. The money shall be spent or allocated in time for the next academic year so that students may see how the grant has enriched their division.

*Award officially conferred at Convocation