Jessica Goodsell  |  Director of communications and marketing

Born and raised in Lennoxville, it was hardly even a decision for me to become Gaiter. And now here I am in my third year at BU studying Biology and Geography. I am very much a bird nerd and when not running around town taking pictures, I can be found putting off editing said pictures by watching cute bird videos on the internet. My favourite thing about Bishop’s is the community atmosphere, where everyone knows everyone.
As DCM, my role is to manage most of the communications and publications you see from the SRC including (but not limited to!) The Dish, the Quad Yearbook, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, the BUSRC app, handbook and this website!
This year, I hope to increase open communication between students and their SRC representatives by opening channels on our website, in the SUB Hallway and planning events during which student voices can be heard. In addition to this, I will be working with the rest of the SRC exec team to promote high levels of transparency by posting regular updates on our internal projects, and publishing the minutes from GA meetings as soon as they are available.


 Aggie Veale |  Publications Coordinator


Hey BU! Most of you know me as Aggie or at least the girl with a camera! I'm a second year Public History and Arts Admin student hailing from the suburbs of Ottawa. As the Publications Coordinator this year, I am working towards equal representation and in particular, better coverage for student associations and the arts in the Quad Yearbook. When I'm not designing yearbook pages (or posters for other clubs), I spend most of my time cooking, at the gym or occasionally getting lost in forests. Since as a history major I spend most of my time in the past, I am also fiercely loyal to 80s movies, music pre-2000s and my outdated Motorola.


Majelle Legros  |  SRC Photographer

Majelle Legros is the most outgoing introvert you’ll ever meet, that is if you can find her outside of her bedroom. She is a first year business student who already has her advanced diploma in business from Cambrian College. Totally plans on being a writer and a marketer at the same time. Her everyday hobbies include covering her hands in paint, writing a thousand post-it notes of book ideas, and walking into the middle of the woods in full fantasy gear for the sake of photography. Avid online shopper (never a time when something isn’t in transit, oops), and accidental rave lover.


Liam Burke |  Social Media Coordinator

Hey everyone! My name is Liam, I’m a first year Religion student, I’m from Montreal, and I’m the social media coordinator this year! My job is to manage Twitter, Facebook, and all other forms of social media for the SRC. When I’m not tweeting for the SRC I spend most of my own time addicted to my own Twitter, or reading (you know, like a nerd) I also enjoy long walks on the beach, and even longer walks TO the beach since we don’t really live near one.