Jessica Goodsell  |  Director of communications and marketing


Born and raised in Lennoxville, it was hardly even a decision for me to become Gaiter. And now here I am in my fourth(and final!) year at BU studying Biology and Geography. I am very much a bird nerd and when not running around town taking pictures, I can be found at The Gait taking advantage of the free popcorn or cooking something with my sous-vide machine. My favourite thing about Bishop’s is the community atmosphere, where everyone knows everyone and they're always willing to lend a hand
As DCM, my role is to manage most of the communications and publications you see from your SRC including (but not limited to!) The Dish, the Quad Yearbook, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, our handbook and this website!
In my second term as DCM I will be continuing last year's projects of enhancing your SRC's transparency and increasing student engagement. I will be working behind the scenes to increase voter turnout, job applications and making sure everyone knows and can make informed decisions about our big initiatives this year (there's big stuff coming down the SRC pipes, stay tuned!)


Elise Berquez |  Publications Coordinator

Hi fellow Gaiters! I’m Elise, and I’m from all the way across the Atlantic Ocean: Paris, France. Some might think it’s a crazy idea to leave the City of Love to come to Bishop’s, but I couldn’t be happier bleeding purple with such an awesome community on the daily. When I’m not out and about enjoying life, taking pictures and having fun, I’m most likely binge-watching a show in bed. Then again, it’s hard to stay inside a room when there’s such an incredibly good-looking campus right outside your door.

As a second-year majoring in Criminology and minoring in International Relations and Entrepreneurship, I am so excited to be the Publications Coordinator for the 2017 -2018 academic year. As PC, I’m in charge of publishing The Dish twice a week, to let everyone know what’s going on off and on campus. Also, you will most-likely see me snapping pictures at various events, as I am in charge of overseeing the publication of this year’s Quad Yearbook. So, if you see me with a camera in hand, don’t hesitate to strike a pose!


Stephen Levac |  SRC Photographer

Hey Gaiters! My name is Stephen Levac. I’m from Oshawa, Ontario and I’m stoked to be the
SRC Photographer for the 2017-2018 year! I’m big into photography, drama and listening to
music. I fell in love with Bishop’s University last October whenever I came to visit during the
open house. This University was the only school I applied to and I’m so glad I was accepted into
such a welcoming community. I’m in a double major for Secondary Education and Drama so if
you see me around the halls or around the theatre don’t be afraid to say hey! I’m in my first year
here at Bishop’s and have already experienced so much that the school has to offer in just two
My job as the SRC’s Photographer is to attend all the events at the school and to capture the
memories that the events have to offer! If you see me around don’t be afraid to ask for a picture!
I look forward to hopefully meeting some of you, I’ll see you around Gaiters!



Darcie Danesh |  Social media Coordinator

Hey, I’m Darcie and I’ll be the Social Media Coordinator for the SRC. I’m an Arts Administration Student in my Third Year at Bishops. Born in the U.A.E i would say I’m a big fan of warm things, beaches, and the sun. So I have no idea why I came to icy Lennoxville… Probably because I’ve never heard of anything like this University, where the Professors know your name and after class everyone heads to the Lion for talks over a mighty pitcher. Also I wanted to know what the ‘Massawippi shore’ is and if Bishop’s had its own Snooki. Right off the bat I knew I’d love this place, seeing everyone in Purple at Animal House was quite a sight, but i felt right at home. My mum thought otherwise but, sorry Mum I’m a gaiter now! As Social Media Coordinator, I’ll be managing postings on the SRC’s social accounts. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. So I’ll manage to F.I.T you in. If you want your event promoted, got a good meme to post, and so on… I got u fam. I hope to make the social media a place where followers can not only find information, but freely engage with our team on our platforms. It’s gonna be a lit year. Bless Up.