Chelsea Mclellan  |  SRC President

Born in Montreal, but bred in the beautiful Lennoxville area. I will be entering my fourth year here at Bishop’s studying a B.A in Sociology with honors and a double minor in English and Entrepreneurship. My ideal Friday night is drinking wine while I do my homework, with my pug on my lap and a scented candle alight in the distance. 4:00pm Happy Hour is my favorite time of the week and no other campus that I visited, prior to choosing to Bishop’s, felt as right as this school does.

As President, I am responsible for overseeing , supporting and encouraging the Executive Cabinet, elected officials and hired employees throughout their daily administration, but also as they pursue individual and group goals. Similarly, I ensure and maintain the existence of group cohesion and collaboration between team members. Outside of the day-to-day operations, representations and individual projects for the SRC, I also serve as the residing chair for all General Assembly meetings and I serve as a member of the Board of Governors. 

I strive to maintain and create a collaborative and transparent environment where projects are pursued and accomplished with the interest of students in mind. This year my goals include, but are not limited to, implementing a Strategic Planning Process within the Executive Cabinet and the General Assembly, develop and propose a procedure for Constitutional Review/Reform, enhance the values of diversity and equity within the SRC and the university and, finally, organize student forums/Town Halls to strengthen financial transparency.


Morgan Gagnon |  Vice President Academic


Oh hello! My name is Morgan, and I’m from Kingston, ON, the restaurant capital of Canada. After high school, I said goodbye to Harper’s Burgers and Saigon Delights and moved to Toronto for a year to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. The year was full of food trucks and expensive beer - but now I buy my beer at cost from Doolittle’s, our on-campus convenience store! I’m kickin’ it at BU with a double major in Philosophy and Liberal Arts, where I get to do a little bit of everything – I even have a minor in math! 

I’m really excited to be your VP Academic this year. I represent you folks on a bunch of committees; everything from Senate, the university’s highest academic body, to the Teaching and Learning Committee, which works to enhance student/teacher partnerships. I also plan a number of initiatives, including Academic Orientation, mock LSAT/MCAT exams, and the shiny new Peer Mentorship Program! 

In all of this, I work very closely with the Head Peer Mentor and student senators. As a team, we are seeking to improve our communication with students in two ways. We want to better communicate to students the role and services of the academic department, and find new ways to engage and represent students to ensure that diverse voices are heard within the department, and the university.


Heather Barlow  |  Vice President Student Life


Coming from Vancouver, British Columbia, I like to think that I bring a bit of the beautiful west coast to our unique little town of Lennoxville, Quebec. I am currently in my third and final year studying International Studies, Politics and Economics. My favourite things about Bishop’s are the crepes at Dewies, Orientation Week, not being judged for wearing Crocs, and the endless opportunities available for students to get involved. My favourite time of the week is of course Happy Hour, especially at 4:00 pm.

I am ecstatic to be returning to the Executive team as your Vice President of Student Life for a second year! In my position I represent all non-academic aspects of life at the university from health and wellness, athletics, dining, safety, residence, and sustainability at Bishop’s all with the goal of enhancing student life.

My main goals for this year include looking at how the SRC can become more inclusive and accessible especially through our various events and programs put on throughout the year.  I will also be working on establishing our offices as official Safe Spaces for students and advocating for these spaces around campus. Additionally, I will be working on the creation of a Bishop’s Mental Health Network to bring together representatives of different groups around campus that are working in the area of mental health and awareness to better collaborate on these issues. 


Jessica Goodsell  |  Director of communications & marketing


Born and raised in Lennoxville, it was hardly even a decision for me to become Gaiter. And now here I am in my third year at BU studying Biology and Geography. I am very much a bird nerd and when not running around town taking pictures, I can be found putting off editing said pictures by watching cute bird videos on the internet. My favourite thing about Bishop’s is the community atmosphere, where everyone knows everyone.

As DCM, my role is to manage most of the communications and publications you see from the SRC including (but not limited to!) The Dish, the Quad Yearbook, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, the BUSRC app, the student handbook and this website!
This year, I hope to increase open communication between students and their SRC representatives by opening channels on our website, in the SUB Hallway and planning events during which student voices can be heard. In addition to this, I will be working with the rest of the SRC exec team to promote high levels of transparency by posting regular updates on our internal projects, and publishing the minutes from GA meetings as soon as they are available.


Andrew Morton  |  Director of financial operations

My name is Andrew Morton and I am a fifth year student here at Bishop’s University. I’m from Ottawa Ontario and I am in the B.B.A. program with the Williams School of Business with a concentration in Finance and a major in Economics. My parents both attended Bishop’s University back in the day and therefore I am a second generation Gaiter!

My position is the Director of Finance and Operations with the Students’ Representative Council for the 2016-2017 term of employment. As the DFO I am chiefly responsible for organizing all of the SRC’s financials and the top level supervision of all SRC operations during my term of employment.

My goal this year as the DFO is to ensure I invest 110% of my efforts into every aspect of my job while also bringing new ideas and projects to the table. Ultimately the role of our operations will not change and our new Director of Human Resources has assumed the HR role that used to be under the DFO’s portfolio. This will free up some of my time to focus efforts towards producing Audited Financial Statements, creating and improving Financial Policies within the SRC and working to ensure the SRC is as transparent as possible to the Students Association regarding all financial matters the SRC has interest in. 


Dominique Lavoie |  Director of human resources

Born and raised in Montreal, I carry the love of the big city with my love of purple Lennoxville. Entering my fourth and last year at Bishop’s, I will be completing a Double Major in Business – Honors in Human Resources, and Psychology. Along with a passion for running, I admit to being a coffee, brownie and TV series (did anyone say Gilmore Girls?) addict.

I am beyond excited to be part of the SRC’s Exec Team as the first ever Director of Human Resources. My work this year can me summarized in four letters; HART. Hiring new SRC members and employees, Recruitment of talented students with great ambition, Assess our team’s performance through performance appraisals as well as 360 degree conflict management assessments, and offering tailored Training for every position under the SRC’s umbrella. Many challenges await, but it is with great pleasure and pride that I look forward to building a well-standing skeleton of this new department that will be, I’m sure, a great addition to the SRC.