Morgan Gagnon  |  SRC President

My name is Morgan. Some speedy facts about me: I’m from Kingston, Ontario (the alleged restaurant capital of Canada), the Government of Ontario took my licence away (but only because I never used it and then it expired), and I am currently/always trying to curb my candy addiction (particularly the chicken feet and blue sharks sold at Doolittle’s – they aren’t even good but I love them??)
There’s a whole lot more, but those are the headlines. Also I am your SRC President – meaning I represent you within the university and beyond. I work very closely with the Principal, Vice Principals and Deans to ensure that the student voice is heard within the university. I also coordinate with the SRC External Representative to advocate for our organisation and institution’s unique needs within the Quebec Student Union. In addition to this, I work with our Recording Secretary to ensure that all SRC Meetings are efficient and transparent. I can always use your help with this – let me know if you have any suggestions to improve the SRC!
We have a lot of stuff coming down the tube this year: renovations of the Student Union Building (where we work/live); the implementation of a new constitution and improved consultation and representation of minority groups on campus. If you have any projects that you would like to add to the SRC’s to do list, let’s chat!


Erica Phillips |  Vice President Academic


Hello! My name is Erica, and before I made decision to pursue a BSc in Biochemistry in a place I’d never previously known existed, I grew up in the suburbs of Ottawa, Ontario. I realized in my formative years that I am very much a fan of the word “yes”, and that realization has lead me to become the professional dabbler that I am today. In my time at Bishop’s, my experience has included choir performances, newspaper contributions, leadership conferences, off-campus volunteering, event organizing, and finally, work in residence, alumni relations and student advocacy.

This year I am beyond stoked to be representing the student body in all things academic, as your VP Academic. The work done by myself and my team of five student senators rests largely on committee presence, where we speak on your behalf to topics such as campus research policies, student-faculty partnerships and academic services required by students (among many things!). We are continually seeking to understand the diverse perspectives and needs of the BU population, so please drop us a line or let us welcome you into our office.

Are you looking to increase your chances of success in your classes? Allow us to direct you to the program-specific help centres located across campus! Thinking of applying to a professional degree after your undergrad? Right this way to sign up for our mock LSAT/MCAT/GRE exams! As the academic department of the SRC, we put on various academic events, from Bishop’s Speaks to Wine & Cheese nights with professors, we offer the only comprehensive academic advising on campus with our Peer Academic Mentoring Program, and, in short, we make all of your academic dreams come true. Welcome to BU!


Marilyn Hardy |  Vice President Student Life


Hello there! I’m Mar a purple bleeding member of this wonderful community but originally, I am from Shawinigan, QC, Canada. So yes, I’m a small town girl and I left that behind for yet another small town in a splendid city where I am now studying Psychology. What do I love most about Bishop’s? EVERYTHING really, the people smiling genuinely, Doolittle’s never runs out of nerds, skittles or beer, Happy Hour throwbacks and sangria pitchers, the O-week thrill, the Winterfest ice bar, the beautiful architecture of our school, I mean realistically what’s not to love here?

I am SO stoked to be representing our BUtiful community as your VPSL which represents all non-academic aspects of life at the university. So from dynamic, diverse and inclusive events, as well as advocating for our mental health, promoting and proudly supporting our Bishop Gaiters, insuring safety, solving the issue of a hungry tummy, ensuring a wonderful residence experience and more -> THAT’S ME.

My main goals for this year include developing a five year plan for mental health, advocating for a SNOOZE room, healthy food alternatives, following up with the development of our new library and of course maintaining and developing events for all.  Most importantly, I am here to represent your voice through it all. This being said, please don’t ever feel shy to come chat with me, message me, or call me because first and foremost I am here for you. CHEERS!


Jessica Goodsell  |  Director of communications & marketing


Born and raised in Lennoxville, it was hardly even a decision for me to become Gaiter. And now here I am in my third year at BU studying Biology and Geography. I am very much a bird nerd and when not running around town taking pictures, I can be found putting off editing said pictures by watching cute bird videos on the internet. My favourite thing about Bishop’s is the community atmosphere, where everyone knows everyone.

As DCM, my role is to manage most of the communications and publications you see from the SRC including (but not limited to!) The Dish, the Quad Yearbook, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, the BUSRC app, the student handbook and this website!
This year, I hope to increase open communication between students and their SRC representatives by opening channels on our website, in the SUB Hallway and planning events during which student voices can be heard. In addition to this, I will be working with the rest of the SRC exec team to promote high levels of transparency by posting regular updates on our internal projects, and publishing the minutes from GA meetings as soon as they are available.


Hunter Gong |  Director of financial operations

Coming from Montréal, I instantly fell in love with this beautiful school and its small community. Becoming a Gaiter was definitely the best decision I have ever made! Entering my third and final year at Bishop’s, I will be completing my major in Business with a concentration of Finance and a minor in Economics.

I am extremely excited to be a part of the executive team as your Director of Finance and Operations. My role as the DFO is to be responsible of all SRC’s financial activities and to have the top level supervision of all operations. These operations include: the campus bar: The Gait, Doolittle’s General Store, fall and winter Orientation Week activities, Winterfest, and any other financial operations provided by SRC.

My main goal this year is to increase the profitability of the operations and to financially enhance all the student activities. I will be working with a wonderful operations team to get more students engaged and cater to a broader population. In addition, I will keep improving the quality of the financial policies, SRC budget, and financial statements to ensure 100% financial transparency. If you have any concerns or ideas about our operations, do not hesitate to drop by my office or stop me on campus, I would love to talk to you and meet some new people!

Also, one of my favourite things to do is to take my husky buddy for a long walk in the city! If you have a dog, doggy walks would be awesome!


Jacob Kaplan |  Director of human resources

My name is Jacob, and I was born in the “Limestone City” of Kingston, Ontario. I’m entering my fifth year of study at the Williams School of Business, dual-concentrating in Management and Entrepreneurship, and a Minor in Sports Studies. My favorite thing about Bishop’s is the sense of community and pride for our school, to #BleedPurple

I am very excited to be the SRC’s second Director of Human Resources. As the DHR, I’m chiefly responsible for the Human Resource practices and policies of the SRC, which includes developing and implementing policies, creating and updating HR material such as contracts, new hire forms, training manuals and the like. I also oversee the effective and equitable recruitment and hiring of talented students to our vast array of positions, offer training for each of these positions, as well as implement effective performance appraisals. 

This year I hope to build upon the foundation of the SRC’s Human Resources department, to further strengthen the department’s policies and practices and continue to enhance initiatives and wellbeing of the SRC. On that note, I encourage you to visit to stay up to date with upcoming job opportunities! Raise a toast!