jONAH fOGG |  General councillor

Hello Gaiters! 

My name is Jonah Fogg, and I am one of the SRC’s 2017/2018 General Councillors. I study Education here at Bishop’s, and am a member of the Men’s Varsity Basketball team.

My goal as a General Councillor is to make sure each and every Gaiter has a fantastic Bishop’s experience. That being said, please know you can contact me any time through e-mail with anything that could make your year go as pleasantly as possible. 

I’m looking forward to an awesome year. 


Melody Beauchemin |  general councillor

Hey there Gaiters! My name is Melody and I’m entering my third and final year at Bishop’s. I’m majoring in International studies and minoring in Creative Writing and Journalism. I am so passionate about the Bishop’s community and I want to do everything I can to constantly improve all aspects of it. Because of my major, I'm also extremely passionate about cultures and human rights, and I have recently helped the Arabic community have a voice by helping establish the Bishop’s Arabic Student Association and participating in the annual cultural show hosted by CASA every year. This year, I want to take into consideration what you, the students, want to see the SRC do to improve the student and academic life at our amazing university. I want everyone to see BU in the same way I do: a close-knit, fun, exciting, respectful, caring community. Raise a toast!



maddy thom.jpeg

Hi, my name is Maddy Thom and I am one of the general councillors this year. I am originally from Guelph, ON and am in my second year of studying Elementary Education. At Bishop’s I am also apart of the Dance club, BUMT and Big Buddies. As part of this year’s SRC one of my goals is to help make your ideas and voices heard, so feel free to contact me with anything. Finally a fun fact about me is: I have a strange talent for balancing things on my head.


Canda-leigh habonimana |  GENERAL COUNCILLOR


Heya, I’m Canda-Leigh Habonimana and I will be on of your four general council members of the 2017-2018 year. I’m doing a double major in Arts Administration and Business. I chose Bishops because it’s small community and classes was a plus in my learning experience in university. I made no mistake in choosing this school, and neither have you. The main work I do is to dedicate my full attention to the needs students have concerning any element of the student life. If you see me don’t be shy to talk to me. I’m here to help you get the best from your Bishops experience.  Be wary it is an easy thing to get stuck in the BU bubble. One of the great things about living here is the access to so many nature endeavours and restaurants. Go out and explore the entirety of the Eastern Townships in addition to getting involved on campus. A plethora of opportunities awaits.

Good luck during your time here and remember mistakes are proof you're trying!  Raise a toast.