Andrew Morton |  DFO

My name is Andrew Morton and I am a fifth year student here at Bishop’s University. I’m from Ottawa Ontario and I am in the B.B.A. program with the Williams School of Business with a concentration in Finance and a major in Economics. My parents both attended Bishop’s University back in the day and therefore I am a second generation Gaiter!

My positon is the Director of Finance and Operations with the Students’ Representative Council for the 2016-2017 term of employment. As the DFO I am chiefly responsible for organizing all of the SRC’s financials and the top level supervision of all SRC operations during my term of employment.

My goal this year as the DFO is to ensure I invest 110% of my efforts into every aspect of my job while also bringing new ideas and projects to the table. Ultimately the role of our operations will not change and our new Director of Human Resources has assumed the HR role that used to be under the DFO’s portfolio. This will free up some of my time to focus efforts towards producing Audited Financial Statements, creating and improving Financial Policies within the SRC and working to ensure the SRC is as transparent as possible to the Students Association regarding all financial matters the SRC has interest in. 

AK Milette.jpg

Anne-Katherine Millette | Gait Operations Manager

Hey BU! My name is A-K and I am a fourth-year Finance student at BU. I’m from a friendly town like Lennoxville called Notre-Dame-du-Mont-Carmel (also known as NDMC). I have a great big passion for dirt-biking, travelling and enjoy taking my Husky around everywhere I go.

As the Operations Manager at The Gait, my role is to ensure everything runs smoothly behind the bar and to make it as enjoyable and safe as possible for you Gaiters. I will be working with Josh to make 2016-2017 an ever more exciting year at The Gait. My goal this year will be to enhance our customer service and efficiency behind the bar.

If you guys have any suggestions, concerns or events you would like to see happen at The Gait, do not hesitate to contact me. I am excited to take on this role and look forward to seeing you all! 

Josh Metcalfe.JPG

Joshua Metcalfe Hurst |  Entertainment & Events Manager

At the start of my Bishop’s career, my friend and I set off on a 16 day adventure across the country from my hometown Vancouver, BC. I arrived in this magical place on move-in-day 2014, where I was then thrown into the best week of my life and have not looked back ever since. Bishop’s is a home, a sanctuary, and a lifestyle, and I am more than excited to be spending my third year here as the Gait Entertainment & Events Manager. Alongside the lovely Anne-Katherine, the killer Gait staff, and the outstanding Operations Team, I will be striving to make this year at the Gait the absolute best one yet. We will be hosting a variety of musical talent throughout the year and will be keeping traditions strong while of course bringing some exciting new events into the picture.

My job is to ensure you guys have the best possible experience year-round at the Gait so please do not hesitate to bring forth any ideas you may have, and always feel free to give me suggestions or feedback. 

As for a bit about myself, I enjoy long walks on the beach at sunset, hanging out with my two pugs, and I am currently pursuing a BBA with a double concentration in Finance and Marketing. I am more than excited to be taking on this role next year and look forward to bringing everyone’s Bishop’s experience to the next level!


Stephanie Thomas |  Doolittle's marketing

Hey! I'm Stephanie, the new person at Doolittle's, the campus general store operated by students for students.  I can't wait to hear everyone's suggestions on how to make our store better. Feel free to come in, look around, and introduce yourself. I am an international student from the United States. This is only my second year here at Bishop's. I am currently pursuing a second degree, this time in études françaises et québécoises.