Coming from Montréal, I instantly fell in love with this beautiful school and its small community. Becoming a Gaiter was definitely the best decision I have ever made! Entering my third and final year at Bishop’s, I will be completing my major in Business with a concentration of Finance and a minor in Economics.
I am extremely excited to be a part of the executive team as your Director of Finance and Operations. My role as the DFO is to be responsible of all SRC’s financial activities and to have the top level supervision of all operations. These operations include: the campus bar: The Gait, Doolittle’s General Store, fall and winter Orientation Week activities, Winterfest, and any other financial operations provided by SRC.
My main goal this year is to increase the profitability of the operations and to financially enhance all the student activities. I will be working with a wonderful operations team to get more students engaged and cater to a broader population. In addition, I will keep improving the quality of the financial policies, SRC budget, and financial statements to ensure 100% financial transparency. If you have any concerns or ideas about our operations, do not hesitate to drop by my office or stop me on campus, I would love to talk to you and meet some new people!
Also, one of my favourite things to do is to take my husky buddy for a long walk in the city! If you have a dog, doggy walks would be awesome!


jAMES hUXHAM | Gait Operations Manager

Although Lennoxville feels like my first home, I am originally from Montréal QC. Becoming a Gaiter and joining the small but engaging community was one the best decisions I ever made. I am currently a fourth year BU marketing student and soon to be a proud graduate of the Williams School of Business. When not in class or at The Gait, I spend most of my time at the sports complex or on our local golf course trying to beat the course record.

As the Gait Operations Manager, I manage all operational tasks involved in the functioning of the bar. I am in charge of insuring The Gait is running as efficiently as possible. More specific roles include planning and executing yearly events, equipment upgrades, developing sales strategies, hiring and supervising the staff, amongst others. I am, in summary, responsible for the proper functioning of the bar itself but also of its dedicated employees.

I will be working alongside Josh Metcalfe (Gait Entertainment & Events Manager) as we promise to work our hardest to create amazing events that cater to all of you. For constant updates and inquiries regarding events, promotions or reservations, I strongly suggest you follow our FaceBook page. “The Gait”

Josh Metcalfe.JPG

Joshua Metcalfe Hurst |  Gait Entertainment & Events Manager

At the start of my Bishop’s career, my friend and I set off on a 16 day adventure across the country, from my hometown Vancouver, BC. I arrived in this magical place on move-in-day 2014 and have not looked back ever since! I absolutely love it here and I’m more than excited to be the Gait Entertainment & Events Manager for the second time around. Alongside James & Bea, the killer Gait staff, and the outstanding Operations Team, I will be striving to make this year at the Gait even better than the last. We’ll be keeping traditions strong and amping up every aspect of this bar to bring you guys the wildest nights! My job is to ensure you guys have the best possible experience year-round at the Gait, so please don’t hesitate to bring forth any ideas, suggestions or feedback you may have!

As for a bit about myself, I like sushi & hot tubing year-round and I’m currently pursuing a BBA with a double concentration in Finance and Marketing. I’m more than excited to be taking on this role again and I look forward to making everyone’s Bishop’s experience this year!


Béa Mathieu | Gait Assistant Manager -- social media

I came to Bishop’s in 2015 as a mature student transferring from Dublin City University in Ireland. I went from being a part of a huge university where I was just a number to becoming a part of a close knit community. Bishops became a home to me very quickly and I realized that this small town school was exactly where I was meant to be. I first started working at The Gait as a coat check attending in my first year and I instantly fell in the love with the staff and the job. In my second year I was given the opportunity to work behind the bar as a busser and bartender where I thrived as a part of The Gait staff team. Going into my third year I am thrilled to be the filling the Assistant Manager position, responsible for Social Media and Marketing. Working alongside Josh Metcalfe and James Huxham, we hope to make this year the best yet! 

I am here to focus on developing a more inclusive and interactive presence on Social Media for The Gait and keep you updated on everything we are up to throughout the school year. We want to keep you in the loop and together make The Gait the go to place in Lennox! To keep up on our drink deals and the lineup of events we have planned for this year, or if you just wanna know what The Gait Staff is up to. Make sure to follow us on Instagram @THEGAIT, like us on Facebook/bishopsthegait and tune into our Snapchat @THE.GAIT too! 

If you have any suggestions or questions I’m here to help so don’t hesitate to ask! I can’t wait to see you all at Happy Hour, don’t be shy to stop by for a beer or a mocktail!