aNDRé pRITCHARD |  External affairs Representative

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My name is Andre Pritchard, I am a fourth year student from Ottawa studying international relations and history. I have been elected as external representative for Bishops this year and mostly represent Bishops at the Quebec Student Union and Town Hall meetings. I love bees and beers, feel free to come up and talk to me if you have any questions about the QSU, Town Hall, the SRC of save the bees movement.



lEAH nYSSEN |  environmental sustainability representative

Hi! My name is Leah, and I will be your new Environmental and Sustainability representative for the 2017/2018 school year. I am in my 3rd year, studying environmental studies and geography. I come from a rural area in southern New Brunswick, which has truly helped me see, and appreciate all the magnificent nature, and wildlife that Canada has to offer. My favorite things include strawberry season, goats, and the smell after a good rain. I am so excited, and proud to be serving you this year on the SRC. I can’t wait to see what opportunities arise for us this year!

Raise a toast!

Leah Nyssen

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KEAGAN MACKAY |  health and Wellness Representative


Hey Gaiters! I’m Keagan MacKay and I’m your Health and Wellness Representative. I’m in my Second year here at Bishop’s and I’m majoring in Sociology. I’m from the small, but wonderful, town of Richmond, Vermont. I’ve wanted to come to Bishop’s since I was 10 years old and now that dream has come true. I’m very proud to be the Health and Wellness Representative for this wonderful university. As the Health and Wellness Representative I plan on being there and listening to all students to create and promote the health and wellness resources that the university has to offer. I love to hear suggestions, comments or questions from anyone, so don't be afraid to talk to me.




Hello! My name is Chadia Kikondjo and I'm a third-year student. I'm currently doing a double major in Theatre and English Media with a minor in Journalism and Creative writing. I am so excited in starting the new year as your Equity Representative. I've always been told that I'm outspoken, passionate and that I fight for what I believe in. My goal to be able to help further create a safe environment for students, and to ensure that there's a fair and proper representation, support and resources for all students. 






vACANT | On Campus Representative