SafeWalk is a volunteer-based walk home program that includes a network of student volunteers who are dedicated to keeping their fellow Gaiters safe. The service allows students to walk home from night classes, late study sessions, or anywhere around Lennoxville with the company of our volunteers. The program is to ensure that each member of the Bishop’s community is comfortable walking home after dark.

To call for a walk-home, please contact Campus Security at (819) 822-9711.                                                                                                 

To volunteer for SafeWalk, please email 

SafeWalk Hours:

Mondays: 7PM to 11PM

Tuesdays: 7PM to 11PM

Wednesdays: 7PM to 11PM

Thursdays: 7PM to 3:30AM

Fridays: 7PM to 11PM

Saturdays: 11PM to 3:30AM