Toast Radio is Bishop’s only student-run internet radio station. After a nearly 20 year absence of student radio on campus, Toast was founded in March 2015 by members of the Students’ Representative Council and entered it’s first full year of broadcasting in September. Toast boasts a team of 40-50 volunteer DJs spanning all genres of music and talk radio. Streaming is available below and you can keep an eye on your inbox for broadcast schedules, events, and ways to get involved.




12:00-1:00 OPEN

1:00-2:00 Coco Talks

2:00-4:00 Gentlemen and Their Ladies w/DJ Kryptonite Speakers

4:00-6:00 OPEN

6:00-8:00 LOUD NOISES w/DJ Pelo



12:00-1:00 The Bad Moon w/Julia (Post-Punk Music)

1:00-2:00 The Mystery Box w/DJ Shan

2:00-4:00 I’ll Think of Something Clever on the Weekend w/Em

4:00-6:00 OPEN

6:00-8:00 The Periodic Table of Heavy Metals w/Bailey



12:00-1:00 The Bad Moon w/Julia (Post-Punk Music)

1:00-2:00 OPEN

2:00-4:00 The Incredible DJ Meistersinger

4:00-5:00 Avant Gardeners w/Sophie

5:00-7:00 Connor Richter

7:00-8:00 Between the Whistles w/Ethan Pohl (Sports Talk Radio)



12:00-2:00 Shuffle Pitch w/Peach (A New Theme Every Week)

2:00-4:00 Taryn Buskard

4:00-11:00 BU HAPPY HOUR



12:00-1:00 Junk Box w/Jackie

1:00-2:00 I Got Out of Bed for This w/Tyson

2:00-4:00 Screen Sounds w/Katharine (Movie Soundtrack music)

4:00-6:00 The Voyage w/Kaptain Kaplan

6:00-8:00 The Interstellar Soul Connection w/Josh