Who we are

The Students' Representative Council, or SRC for short, is YOUR student government on campus. We work as liaisons between you and university staff, faculty and administration to make sure that your experience is everything you could ask for! We are students working for other students, and are dedicated to supporting you in all aspects of your life: your academics, health, social experience, etc. All of us were keen to engage in the university community and we’d love to help you do the same!

Feel free to visit the SRC offices on the main floor of the Student Union Building for more info. Drop by with your questions, suggestions, or willingness to get involved! If you have a concern, if you have come up with the perfect event idea—telling your SRC is a fast-track way to seeing change, to getting help organizing your shindig, or getting feedback on cutting through university red tape.


Departments in the src

Overseen by the SRC president, these five departments ensure that student needs are met and student voices are being heard.


The academic department works to improve all aspects of academic life at Bishop’s. From voicing student concerns at Senate committees and sub-committees to overseeing all academic clubs and events, the academic department is constantly working on new and ongoing projects.

Student Life

The student affairs department works to represent students in all non-academic areas of life at university. This includes students’ health, well-being, safety, and security as they go about their time at Bishop’s. The student affairs department works closely with university administration to ensure that students’ needs are met regarding student support services, dining facilities, athletics and recreation, residence, and a whole lot more.


The communications department is here to keep you in the loop. Whether we’re photographing events, compiling the Yearbook, designing posters or posting on social media, we always strive for clarity and transparency While representing your voice on student-communication-related issues.


The operations department is in charge of the financial viability of the SRC. The SRC is funded through student fees and the success of our operations in The Gait and Doolittle’s. We also play a primary role in organizing Winterfest with the help of the Rail Jam coordinators. In addition to this, the General Manager of Operations ensures proper hiring protocol and effective performance of the SRC as a whole.