The Bishop’s University Students’ Representative Council represents the best interests of the Students’ Association (SA) at all levels and areas of government with the university (both academic and non-academic). Below is a non-exhaustive list of each committees whereby an executive or representative act as members.


Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting, or AGM for short, is a meeting held every year whereby members of the Board of Student Representatives present to members of the Bishop’s Community, what we have planned for the year such as goals, as well as updating the students on the summer and what our representatives did. We also go over the annual budget for the SRC and other things. All students are welcome to attend the AGM.

WHEN & Where

Sunday, 23rd September at 6pm in McGreer 100

See the event on the BUbble or our Facebook Page

Committee Name


Bishop’s Directors of Student Services

The VP Student Affairs sits as a non-voting member of the Bishop's Directors of Student Services Committee that includes the Dean of Student Affairs, the Health Clinic Manager, Director of Athletics and Recreation, Director of Residence and Conference Services, and the Director of Security. Any questions or concerns regarding these areas of the university can be brought forward to the VP Student Affairs and brought forward to the committee.

Committee on Life at the University

 The Committee on Life at the University shall be charged with recommending policies governing student life at the University to the Dean of Student Affairs and advising the Dean on the annual Student Affairs budgets. The functions of the Committee on Life at the University include:

  • advising the Dean of Student Affairs on the drafting and review of policies governing student life at the University; and

  • advising the Dean of Student Affairs on the annual Student Services budget for approval by the Board of Governors.

The President, VP Student Affairs, VP Social and a Student Affairs Representative sit on this committee.

The SPC is invited to assume that it will be possible to reduce the costs of academic programs through the process of attrition and by reducing or eliminating the use of part-time credits given the collaboration of faculty and its willingness to be innovative and to demonstrate flexibility. The preparation of such a plan will require the SPC to exercise great creativity in order to ensure that academic restructuring yields high-quality academic programs which will permit Bishop’s to attract new students and retain them in numbers large enough to meet our enrolment goals.

In considering any academic restructuring, the SPC should, among other considerations, take cognizance of the net revenue contribution of different programs as well as the differential workload between programs.

The starting point for the SPC deliberations should be the state of continuing faculty positions as of 1995-96.

senate Planning Committee

  1. To make recommendations to Senate on policies affecting admissions and scholarships, and on the general academic regulations of the University;

  2. To determine how specific academic regulations are to be interpreted and/or applied in relation to the academic standing of students;

  3. To receive, review and decide upon all student appeals with respect to "probation" and "must withdraw" decisions.

Academic Standing and Admission Policy

The Committee is established by the University Senate as the final arbiter within the University of student appeals of decisions concerning academic courses. The Senate delegates to the Committee the authority to receive, hear, and render final decisions on such appeals, as well as the authority to implement additional procedures consistent with those below.

Academic Appeals

The main purpose of program review is the improvement of the academic programs at Bishop’s with respect to their quality and breadth of offerings. The review will also ensure that programs conform to national and international norms, as well as to specific Bishop’s objectives. It will provide information which may be used in academic planning and for budgetary purposes. 

Academic Review Committee

The Committee will consider proposals for major changes in the policy and organization of Continuing Education, will review proposals for Continuing Education programs and make recommendations to Senate. The Committee will review reports to be made by the Director to Senate. 

Continuing Education

The RORs of the University specify that:

"The posers and responsibilities of the Senate shall be… to prepare and recommend plans and policies for the academic development of the University, including by way of example… the library and other academic services."

"The Librarian shall be responsible to the Principal for the conduct and operation of the University Library, and may be required by the Senate to report to it from time to time on those aspects of the Library which the Senate considers to be of academic interest."

Library Committee

"The Senate Nominating Committee is that body charged with soliciting and bringing forward nominations to Senate, after a process of consultation and deliberations." (Senate 310th meeting, October 10th, 1989)

Senate Nominating Committee

  1. To recommend to Senate policies governing the awarding of academic prizes and scholarships (other than admissions scholarships);

  2. To receive, review and recommend to Senate proposals for new prizes and scholarships;

To recommend to Senate at the end of each academic year the winners of academic prizes and scholarships.


This Committee originated as an ad hoc committee of Senate mandated to formulate a University policy on students with disabilities. Once Senate adopted the policy (October 1993 See Senate Handbook), its members recommended that, in order to fulfill item #5 of the policy statement "Bishop’s University will endeavour to continue to work towards the removal of barriers to students with disabilities", the Committee meet on an annual basis to review and identify gaps in services to students with disabilities and make recommendations where appropriate. This, then, is the current mandate of this Committee. 

Students with Disabilities

The mandate of the Committee include the maintenance of the database generated through the teaching evaluations by students and oversee the creation of a teaching resource center whose purpose would be to improve the overall quality of teaching at Bishop’s University. 

Teaching Evaluation

To examine and, if necessary, recommend modifications to the structure and/or preparation of the University timetable. 

Time Table

To review and improve the sustainability mode lf the Spring School session to ensure its longevity.

Ad-Hoc on Spring School

To explore the possibility and feasibility of offering courses online.

E-Learning Committee

Evaluation of Faculty Teaching evaluation submitted to students at the end of the month of

Contract Faculty Evaluation Committee

Evaluation of full-time faculty promotions and sabbatical requests.

Evaluation Committee

Designed to offer continualacademic support and resources both for students and faculty.

Teachingand Learning Center