The SRC operates several great venues on campus. If you would like to book The Gait, the lobby of the student union building, or the diversity centre, please fill out the form below. Please read through this entire page before submitting a booking requestThere is a cost for groups external to the university, starting at $100 per day.


Please keep the following in mind before submitting a booking request:

  • When booking The Gait, check the Gait calendar to verify that your desired date is available before you submit a booking request.

  • Bookings must be made at least seven days in advance. 

  • Please do not submit Work Orders to Buildings and Ground or to ITS until you receive your confirmation email from the SRC.

  • There is no guarantee your booking will be accepted, the SRC reserves the right to demand adjustments or refuse any bookings requests.

  • In extreme circumstances the SRC reserves the right to cancel a booking, and will do its best to provide reasonable notice.

  • Should your booking be refused or require adjustments, you will be informed by email or by phone.
  • Once your form has been submitted and reviewed, you will be sent a quote for any services requiring extra fees.
  • As the event organizer, you should take the Green Event Checklist into consideration


If you have problems completing the booking form please send the required information below by e-mail to Erin Mallory – or Stephanie Thomas –


Primary contact
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Phone number
Secondary Contact
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Booking Information
Date you require the venue *
Date you require the venue
(If you would like book multiple days with the exact same requirement, please indicate the dates in the “Other Special Setup Requirements” section at the bottom of the form”
Enter the time at which you would like to have access to the room for setup purposes. For example, if your event starts at 1:00 PM and you need and hour to set up, enter 12:00 PM.
This indicates to us when everything needs to be ready to go.
This indicates to us when we can begin shutting down.
Enter the time at which you can vacate the venue. For example, if the event ends at 1:00 PM and you need and hour to clean up from the event, enter 2:00 PM.
Do you require bar service for your event? *
Some charges may apply
(if applicable)
(if applicable)
I have read and understood the terms and conditions of the Bishop's Alcohol policy *
Outside Alcohol*
*fine may occur
Financial Responsibility *
(Gait Bookings Only)
Do you need to use any of our Audio/visual equipment, or do you need a special furniture setup? please specify (charges may apply).
Please remember to remove all decorations when the event is over, otherwise you will be charged for cleanup
If you would like to request a booking for multiple days, please indicate the dates below.