Want to start a club? Here's what you need to know!

New clubs get created every year to cater to the diversity of interests of Bishop's University students. If you would like to start a club at the university or if you would like to become the head of a current club, there a few documents you should familiarize yourself with. If starting a club is something you would like to do, feel free to send an email to Erin Helsby at srcclubs@ubishops.ca with any questions or to arrange a meeting about starting a club!

1. The Club Handbook

Take a look at the sections referring to probationary status. Any club under probationary status will not be recognized as an official club and will not be able to apply for GCC funding for their club initiatives. Make sure to take a look at the appendix to find the template for mandatory club reports.

2. Club Office Application Form

Need a space to meet? Maybe a space for storage? The SRC has you covered. Fill out this form to apply for club office space.

3. Club Grant Application Form

Funding from GCC is built into student fees as a way to promote the creation of clubs and club-run events. If your club needs funding, apply using the form above.