Darcie Danesh  |  Director of communications and marketing


Having lived in Dubai my whole life, moving to Lennoxville and deciding to study at Bishop’s was something that took my whole family by surprise. But, here I am in my fourth and final year studying Arts Administration, concentration Fine Arts, and I have never once regretted coming to this BUtiful school. I love the sense of community at Bishops and the way friendships can be made here, whether at the Gait dancing to ‘All Star’, at Doolittles chatting about mutual love of chicken feet (THE CANDY), or in your Orientation Week team on Field day having fun in the mud.

As Director of Communications and Marketing, my role is to manage the communications and publications you see from your SRC such as The Dish, The Quad Yearbook, Facebook, Instagram Twitter, our website and this very handbook!

My main goal for this year is to continue the legacy of my predecessors in the advocation for transparency between the SRC and the student body. I’ll be working behind the scenes to make sure you know what’s going on with your SRC. We have some exciting things in the year ahead and I can’t wait! Be sure to follow our social media accounts and check our website at busrc.com to stay informed and feel free to contact us for anything


Catherine Bachand Laberge |  Social media Coordinator


Hey Gaiters! I'm Cat, and I'm in the final year of my Marketing major, with a minor in Psychology. I'm thrilled to be able to work as part of the Communications Team, striving to bring you the best media possible right from our BUtiful bubble. As Social Media Manager, my role is to bring the greatest and most relevant content to the SRC social media channels, making sure our campus community is always up to date on the latest events. 

Although I was on exchange in Denmark last semester, you may have seen me around as a WSB student ambassador, taking part in case competitions, and cheering for our Gaiters as they roar
on to victory. When I'm not on campus, you can find me hiking, making tacos, listening to old rock n roll or buying ALL the purple gear in sight. 

I can't wait to see all of you at the SRC events! Cheers!


 Elizaveta Belikova |  Publications Coordinator


My name is Lisa and I am your Publications Coordinator this year! I’m in my final year, studying Arts Administration and English: Film and Media and also doing a minor in French. I’ve been involved in many creative initiatives at Bishop’s and acted as a head of student-run projects, which gave me much knowledge in multiple fields and extended my passion for the University with its inclusivity and opportunities!

As a PC, I will produce The Dish that will inform all of you about important and interesting events that you can become a part of! I’m also very excited to work on the iconic Quad Yearbook with my team as well as to feature all of the spectacular events that occur on campus and inside of our community (read- family). My ultimate goal is to represent the experience of every single Bishop’s student through our Communications Department!

Fun fact: I’m coming all the way from Siberia.


Theresa Graham |  SRC Photographer


Theresa was born and raised on a tree farm in a middle-of-nowhere part of Eastern Ontario. She's the youngest and only daughter in a family of five children, all of whom play some sort of musical instrument.

Theresa is in her second year studying Drama, Film, and Music and she loves movies, sunglasses, writing character dialogue, R&B synth pop jazz (it's a thing), cats, and capturing moments on camera!


TiM Paczynski |  SRC Videographer