Alexandra Medalsy  |  SRC President


Hello my name is Alex, you may know me from being a head banging Rugby player (literally concussed) or cheering on our gaiter squad’s from the stands (I have my own section due to being unable to play sports… they felt bad for me and saved me a seat in the stands.. yay) Please note that I do apologize in advance for my poor jokes, but I make up for it in my new position as your President of the Student Representative Council. I am beyond excited to have this opportunity to represent all of you throughout the year within the university and beyond our Bishop’s bubble.

I work very closely with the administration to ensure that all of your student’s voices are heard and respected.  I also coordinate with the SRC External Representative to advocate for our organization and institution’s unique needs within the Quebec Student Union. In addition to this, I work with our Recording Secretary to ensure that all SRC Meetings are efficient and transparent.

Through the SRC with the help of our remarkable executive team we are  always striding forward and remembering our past as it allow us to build a brighter BU (literally lit) together.

I have looked towards fostering three pillars, safety, empowerment, and access. I believe that safety for all students at all times is a fundamental right. Empowerment, another fundamental right is our ability to express ourselves, our opinions, and concerns with respect. Last but not least is Access; it’s crucial that students should have easy and direct access to all school services and amenities. I am incredibly excited to get started on helping you get what you need, more easily and efficiently.

With so many exciting initiatives and ideas coming in every day, I cannot wait to see what this year will bring for BU, please don’t hesitate to stop by my office, my door is always open, come chat! Even if it’s just to tell me a joke (seriously though, please teach me how to be funny) 


Jessica Caputo |  Vice President Academic


Jess 2.JPG

­Never judge the person you were, always remembering to evaluate the person you are today and most importantly, the person you are striving to be tomorrow.

Hey everyone! For those who don’t yet know me, I’m Jess, the new Vice President Academic Affairs of the SRC. You may know me as #30 the women’s hockey goaltender, or as the old Operations Manager who played the best music ever at Doolittle’s!

You may be asking how I went from being a hockey player to an executive role in the SRC, well I realized early on that I was tired of waiting for change, so I decided to be the change I wanted to see. As we watch our world change and adapt, one thing still remains the same. The education system; I truly believe that we are the generation that can inspire the most change for our future fellows. I stand strong when I say now is the time, to be inspired and inspire others with our ever changing cultures and believes. I firmly believe that it is time to shake up the education system. And build a better bridge when connecting how we learn to how we demonstrate our learning. To allow us to make the transition from being a student to running an empire, and simply being out into the real world.

My favorite color is blue and I have the cutest puppy on campus!

My door is always open and we are always eager to hear from all of you Gaiters! So please do not hesitate to come by the SRC hallway and let’s chat!

Thanks so much for all your confidence, together I truly believe that we can make a positive change that will last a lifetime.


Sydney Brennen |  Vice President Student Life



Hi Bishop’s Gaiters!

My name is Sydney Brennen, I am a fourth year Sports Studies major, and I will be acting as your Vice-President Student Life this year! I’m originally from the ix— birthplace of Drake and the Toronto Maple Leafs, but spent many summers in Northern Ontario, taking advantage of all that the adventures that Canada’s wilderness has to offer!

I have been an active member of the Bishop’s community since my very first day at Bishop’s. From student ambassador to hype woman, you may have seen me either on or off the field or court sporting purple gear/SWAG and pumping up your Bishop’s Gaiters! I like meeting new people, socializing in and outside of the classroom, and I have a lot of BU spirit to spread!

As your 2018-2019 VP Student Life, I sit on the committee which makes Orientation Week, Winterfest, and other legendary student life events reality! This year I intend on focusing on student advocacy, the furthering of various committees, and on ensuring that student life events are positive and memorable. Some of the things which I intend on encouraging and furthering dialogue for are: initiatives to increase awareness surrounding social situations involving alcohol; student safety and support in all matters relating to sexual violence; and continuing to aid students in fostering progressive conversations as they relate to mental health and wellness as these are ongoing discussions.

I look forward to meeting you all in the fall! Until then, remember to #BleedPurple, enjoy every minute of your time at Bishop’s, and take every opportunity to learn and grow that comes your way. You're going to love it here; we’re so glad to have you!

Take it easy gaiters!


Marilyn Hardy  |  Vice President External



Hey, I’m Mar your Student Representative Council VP External. (Yea I know ahah, I couldn’t resist a 2nd year repping you BUTies)

What will I be doing? Represent students in policy, government and external relations (Quebec Student Union, conferences, committees, Maple League, Board or Student Representatives)

Who am I? I’m a hardcore purple bleeding, Bishop’s loving 3rd year who comes from SHAWINIGAN, QC (it’s on the map I swear). Fun Fact: I was a high school spelling-be champ (get it)(lolz)

Things I love? Crossfit, BBQ, outdoors, winter, shopping, road trips, THE GAIT, and much more.

What I love about Bishop’s? The people*, the quad, winterfest, the Gait, the coffee shop in Nic/Ham.

Finally, I wish you all a wonderful year filled with exceptional experiences and people. If ever you have questions or concerns be it related to my job or another please always feel free to reach out to me anytime. Raise a toast pals!


Joshua Metcalfe Hurst |  Director of finance


My name’s Josh and I’m currently in my last year at Bishop’s, pursuing a double concentration in Finance and Marketing. I’m super stoked to be your Director of Finance this year, known in the past as the DFO. Over the last two years I’ve worked as the Gait Events & Entertainment Manager, so I have a pretty good understanding of the SRC and its internal operations. Through working amongst the SRC for tons of events and other initiatives during my time at BU, I’ve learned a lot about the different roles and what we do. I hope that during my time this year, I can translate my knowledge to you guys and be there to support the student body at all times.

This year, I’m hoping to help the Gait and Doolittles reach their best possible potential, while also bringing the students an amazing O-Week and Winterfest. Being in charge of the budget, I’m striving for transparency, so please feel free to come to me with any questions or concerns you may have.

As for a bit about myself, I’m from Vancouver, BC and I drove 16 days across the country to get to this beautiful place in my first year. In my spare time I like covering muddy puddles with wool coats and saving kittens from trees. I also enjoy long walks on the beach during golden hour.

For you returning students, I hope you’re up for another incredible year and for you first years - congratulations on choosing the best University in Canada.


Darcie Danesh |  Director of Communications and Marketing


Having lived in Dubai my whole life, moving to Lennoxville and deciding to study at Bishop’s was something that took my whole family by surprise. But, here I am in my fourth and final year studying Arts Administration, concentration Fine Arts, and I have never once regretted coming to this BUtiful school. I love the sense of community at Bishops and the way friendships can be made here, whether at the Gait dancing to ‘All Star’, at Doolittles chatting about mutual love of chicken feet (THE CANDY), or in your Orientation Week team on Field day having fun in the mud.

As Director of Communications and Marketing, my role is to manage the communications and publications you see from your SRC such as The Dish, The Quad Yearbook, Facebook, Instagram Twitter, our website and more!

My main goal for this year is to continue the legacy of my predecessors in the advocation for transparency between the SRC and the student body. I’ll be working behind the scenes to make sure you know what’s going on with your SRC. We have some exciting things in the year ahead and I can’t wait! Be sure to follow our social media accounts and check our website at busrc.com to stay informed and feel free to contact us for anything.