Marilyn Hardy  |  SRC President

Oh Hello! My name is Marilyn but everyone calls me Mar, I was born and raised in Shawinigan QC, entering my fourth year here at Bishop’s studying Global Leadership and Management with a minor in Psychology. I am also entering my 4th year on the SRC... I started off as a general councilor then VP student life, to VP external and now, your SRC President (I’m STOKED). Some speedy facts about me: I am a little ball of energy that never seems to dim and I love BBQs, outdoors, the incoming students’ energy/feeling they give off during Orientation Week, CrossFit/Weightlifting, Winterfest and this job obviously.

As President, I am responsible for overseeing, supporting and encouraging the Executive Cabinet, elected board members and hired employees throughout their daily administration but also as they pursue their goals. Outside of these day to day operations, representations and individual meetings I also serve as a member of the Board of Governors.

This year my goals include but are not limited to prioritizing environmental sustainability, enabling concrete mental health action based on our provincial survey done in fall 2018, and constantly holding our institution accountable. That being said I strive to maintain a philosophy of internal accountability as well, meaning that all of our projects, daily representations and operations are directly reflective of our students’ interests; because if we can’t confidently stand up in front of 2800 students and explain why we went that way, then we aren’t doing it right. Overall what that means is I am here for you. So if there’s a project that lights up your world or a problem that is really getting you down and anything in between, let’s talk.


Aunika Braun |  Vice President Academic


Hey Gaiters! For those of you who haven’t met me before, my name is Aunika Braun. I am a 4th year double major student in Political Studies and English Literature, and I am the SRC VP Academic of the 2019-2020 school year! I was born and raised in Toronto, ON, and had never even heard of Lennoxville when I made the choice to move 7 (6 with no traffic) hours from home – and I am so glad I did.

Coming to Bishop’s was the best choice I have ever made, and I can’t imagine who I would be without the people I have met and the experiences I have had since joining this purple community. I am beyond excited to work for the students this year, and to be a reliable resource in aiding everyone at Bishop’s to get the most out of their education, like I have.

Being a part of the SRC has been a goal of mine since before I accepted my offer to attend Bishop’s, and through my three years here, I have realized just how important the student council is at this school. I have been on the Bishop’s Competitive Dance Team, attended the Jeux de la Science Politique for 3 years, taken the Shakespearience class, danced in the Charity Fashion Show, and attended the National Model United Nations conference in New York with my classmates (and so much more). Every experience I have had at Bishop’s has made me a better person, and broadened the ways in which I view my role in academia. Realizing the impact I can make in this school has highlighted the importance of furthering oneself, and in taking advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. That is why I ran for VP Academic; because I want to bring that same richness and diversity of experience to every student who #BleedsPurple.

Moving into next year, I hope to continue to orient Bishop’s as a collective towards a richer academic identity on the national scale; as our enrolment grows, and reputation precedes us, it becomes increasingly clear that we exemplify what a multifaceted liberal education can look like in practice. For the students, this means more academic events, increased participation in varied extracurriculars, and greater networking opportunities so that we may all experience everything Bishop’s University has to offer – and it offers so much. If you ever have any questions, have suggestions on improving Bishop’s, or just want to come by and chat please come see me in the SRC Hallway, office 112 (I always have tea and coffee, and love to meet new Gaiters!). Raise a Toast!


Émil Lamontagne |  Vice President Student Life


One of the first things that I was ever told about Bishop’s was that it wasn’t just a school but it was a lifestyle. Coming alone from Ottawa, I wasn’t sure what I was throwing myself into but I knew this is where I wanted to spend the next four years. The community at this school is unmatched and that’s what I want to help build and grow as the new Vice President Student Life. I want to make sure that everyone has the best student experience possible and ensure that there is a group, club or activity that makes every week exciting during your time here at BU.

I am going into my fourth year of International Studies while minoring in Political and Environmental Studies, during my time I have been involved with many different clubs and activities on campus, such as participating in every Orientation Week since I started, joined the Bishop’s Men’s Hockey Club, Enactus Bishop’s, BU Fashion Show, National Model United Nations practicum as well fist pumping all night at the gait or coming decked out for all on campus events.

I will uphold the open door policy in the SRC to better listen to your ideas and bring a more inclusive relationship between the Student Body and the VP Student Life. In my term I will also be focusing my time on continuing the conversation on mental health and looking towards way of better supporting the needs of our student body. As well as add emphasis on the benefits of living a healthy and active lifestyle for mental health. Additionally, student safety is of the highest importance and I will continue raising awareness towards initiatives focused on sexual violence around campus and highlighting responsible drinking practices. We’re also going in a greener more sustainable direction and I will help introduce greener activities and initiatives on campus.

I’m super fired up for the year to come and getting a chance to meet all of you. #BleedPurple


NAOMIE MAZZOLA  |  Vice President External


Sa K’ Pasé  Gaiters!! 

I am Naomie Mazzola a Psychology major, a diehard purple bleeding Gaiter and your Vice-president of External Affairs this year. 

I was born and raised under the sun on the island of Saint Martin in the Caribbean (the one with the crazy plane landings). My heritage is very important to me, and if you’ve seen me around and talked to me before you know I’ll always mention where I’m from and how great my island is, the beach, the sea, the unlimited amount of coconut water and good food but, most importantly the strong, resilient, close knit community which is also why I chose to come to Bishop’s.  Being Antillean is a blessing to me however, growing up on a small island with a corrupt government and many social injustices has made me the advocate that I am today, the advocate that I will be for you this year. I’m very proud of how and where I grew up and will use this diversity to bring new and fresh perspectives and ideas to the SRC. 

This past year I had the chance of being elected Health and Wellness Representative and this gave me a chance to discover how much your SRC does for you. My decision to come back was instant, I strongly felt that I could push further and advocate at an external level. 

This year I will be representing you the students in external relations including the Quebec Student Union, conferences, committees, The Maple League, Board of Student Representatives as well as work on policy and government relations.

Additionally I am very passionate about inclusivity and diversity and will work hard and in collaboration with my colleagues as well as various clubs and groups on campus to bring more cultural and inclusive events to the students this year.  

The Massawippi is not the Caribbean Sea but BU truly is home to me. It has been a safe space, a place to expand and grow, and has made a lasting impression on my life. The Bishop’s experience is truly like no other, the friends you’ll make, the professors you’ll work with, the lessons you will learn. The entirety of Bishop’s will be your guide in so many different aspects of your life. So enjoy your time here, work hard, make friends, have fun, get involved, and “Remember How You Entered, Be Proud of How You Leave.” 

If you haven’t met me yet stop by my office, the door is always open for whatever you may need.  If you see me around campus don’t hesitate to stop and talk with me you might not understand my Caribbean accent at first but I promise you’ll get it, they always do! 

||•Difficult Roads Lead to Beautiful Destinations•||


ADAM BASMADJIAN |  Director of finance

Hey everyone! My name is Adam Basmadjian and I am really looking forward to being your Director of Finance (DoF) for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year! I am currently in my fourth and final year at Bishop’s University, at the end of which I will have completed a B.B.A with a concentration in Accounting and a minor in Criminology. As a newcomer to the SRC, I look forward to having a hand in creating the various events that make BU so unique. As a first generation Gaiter, hailing from St. Lambert, a small suburb on the South Shore of Montreal, I was quick to discover that I had made a great decision by choosing Bishop’s and the surrounding community as my new home. You’ll be hard pressed to find a university experience quite like the one you will have as a Bishop’s student.

Despite the looming renovations to the Sub in the coming year, I hope to help make the Gait and events held there as great as they always have been. As Director of Finance, I am chiefly responsible for overseeing the development of the annual budget and the allocation of SRC resources to ensure continued growth of our operations. My primary concern is that the SRC adheres to the budget and that we remain profitable so that we may provide the students with a wider array of services. I am excited to be in such an amazing position and will always strive to keep your needs in mind when making any important decisions. I endeavor to achieve transparency and should you have any questions or concerns in this regard, I hope you feel comfortable to come and ask me. My office is located in the SRC hallway in the Sub (113), which I share with our General Manager of Operations, Stephanie Thomas.


BROOKLYNN SAWATZKY |  Director of Communications and Marketing

Hey Bishop’s! I’m Brooklynn, your new Director of Communications and Marketing (DCM). Currently I am a 3rd year Political Studies Major who is absolutely in love with my program and of course Bishops’. Coming from White Rock, BC to Sherbrooke, QC is a bit of a commute, however it has been the best decision of my life. There truly is no place like Bishops’ and I am so proud and excited to serve you guys during my term as DCM. Some fun facts about me: I’m never not craving pho, and I’m going to win Big Brother Canada one day.

Personally I’m unsure of what I want to do after Bishop’s and what my career path is going to look like, but I know that I was to do something good for the world. What drew me to this position is that the SRC does everything it can to “do right” by Bishop’s Students as our main focus is supporting and advocating for you. In order to effectively advocate for you we must have an open line of communication and absolute transparency so you always know what’s up. In my role I will support everyone involved in the SRC by helping market and communicate their initiatives to the student body while also keeping everyone in check, and accountable for their actions.

If you ever need anything my office is located in the SRC hallway in the sub, rm 118 or you can shoot me an e-mail or simply message the SRC facebook page! Looking forward to working for you this year, and let’s get this bread.




Hey guys, Im V your Director Of Events for the 2019-2020 year. Having moved around my whole life, I’ve had a hard time calling any one place home, until I came to BU. If you’ve swiped you know I like beer, cooking & making people laugh. I’m an Arts Administration major with a Diploma in Arts & Entertainment Management from Capilano University.

As DOE my job is to organize and coordinate all the major events we have on campus including O-Week, Winterfest, Winter O-Week & Grad Formal. Whether you’re doing challenges with your team during O-Week or raving with your friends during FinterWest, nothing brings our community together like the incredible events we throw on campus every year. It’s what made me fall in love with BU and I look forward to sharing that love with incoming and returning students alike.

See you out there baby!