Do you have a great idea that needs of few extra dollars to get off the ground? There are several amazing funds available to support the initiatives of Bishop's students. If you have any questions about these funds, get in touch with any of our executives and we'll do our best to help.

Green Levy Fund: Over $10,000 annually

SDAG is a multi-stakeholder group in campus working towards the promotion and increased awareness of the need for sustainable projects and development on campus. We work to implement ideas and projects on campus concerning sustainable development. To apply for Green Levy Funds for your event, please consult the Green Event ChecklistClick here for details.

GCC Club Funding: $20,000 Annually

Funding from Grants for Clubs Committee is built into student fees as a way to promote the creation of clubs and club-run events. If your club needs funding, apply using the form available here.

BABP Fund: $3,000-5,000 annually

The fund is to be used to financially support student-led initiatives aimed at enhancing the BU Community. Students can submit an application about their proposed project, and our class will vote on which project(s) receive funding. Applications are generally due late October to early November. Click here for details.

McConnell Student Opportunity Fund: $12,500 annually

The McConnell Student Opportunity Fund generates $12,500 annually in support of student-initiated projects. These projects foster student innovation, initiative, and self-reliance by providing students with financial support to pursue practical research and, most particularly, job-related experiences. Funds are intended to nurture the development of new experiences and/or to enhance intellectual and practical skills complementary to those taught in academic programs. Successful applicants will receive a maximum of $2200 per project. For more information, Click here for details.

B.E.S.T. Project Funds: up to $7,000 per project ($50,000 available)

The B.E.S.T. Projects Fund is the premiere experiential learning opportunity at Bishop’s. This unique possibility is meant to assist students, determine their career paths and realize their ambitions. The funds are awarded to students whom the Selection Committee believes have the potential for significant achievement and impact once they graduate from Bishop’s. Click here for details.

Townshippers Research & Cultural Foundation: (Undefined Amount)

Each year, Townshippers’ Foundation allocates the funds generated from donations and legacies to grants. Generally the Foundation provides grants to grassroots projects and organizations which enhance the quality of life in their communities in the historical Eastern Townships. Click here for details.

ASEQ Funds: up to $5,000 annually

ASEQ, the organization that provides health and dental insurance to many students at Bishop's, has generously created a grants program to fund student-initiated projects. In order to be eligible for sponsorship, all submissions must be approved by your Students' Representative Council. Interested students must submit their project documents by email to Before October 1st (for the fall deadline) or March 1st (for the winter deadline). Click here for details.

Pollination Project Funds: $1000

The Purpose of a Pollination Project Seed Grant is to support passionate, committed people with an early-stage social change vision. Click here for details.