Matthew Malkin |  General councillor


Hey Gaiters! My name is Matthew Malkin and I am going to be one of your General Councillors in this upcoming year on the Student Representative Council. I am a fourth-year student who studies business as well as political sciences. I as well volunteer with big buddies, volunteered with the BU Fashion Show last year, and going to be a leader for this upcoming O-Week! As a General Councillor, I represent the entirety of the student body so if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me or just say "hi" when you see me around. Hope we all have another amazing year!




Hey BU!

My name is Tim Nolan, and I am one of the SRC’s 2018/2019 General Councillors. I am studying International studies here at Bishop’s, and I am a member of the Men’s Rugby team. My goal as a General Councillor is to make sure your experience at Bishop’s is the best one possible. That being said, please know you can contact me any time through e-mail with anything that could make your year wonderful. I’m looking forward to an outstanding year.




Hi there everyone!

My name is Molly Sweeney and I'm currently in my 4th year here at BU, studying Liberal Arts with a double minor in English and History. I am so excited to be on the SRC as a General Councillor this year and can't wait to work towards a better BU with you all. Over the years at BU I have been very involved with the different aspects of Frosh, Fashion Show and the humanities department; it has provided me with a diverse perspective that I hope to apply to my position. I have office hours Monday-Wednesday 1-2 so feel free to drop by with any concerns/issues or to discuss anything you have on your mind.

Fun Facts/Conversation starters: I grew up in Ireland and moved to Canada when I was 10 years old. I love to scuba-dive and canoe, and I have a goldendoodlepupper!




Hello fellow students! My name is Connor Blanchet and I am a second year psych student here at Bishops. I am one of the General Councillors on the student representative council. This year my main goal in this position is to work with my fellow General councillors and SRC members to develop different ideas that could improve the student experience here at university. My office hours are in the library on Mondays from 3pm to 5pm. Please come to me with questions and ideas on how we can have the best year possible. I am so excited to be on the SRC and to be able to help make Bishop’s better than it already is. Let’s work to make this year at Bishops the best ever!




Hey Gaiters!!

My name is Ryann Seiler and I’m a second year psychology student here at Bishop’s University. I am so pumped to have the opportunity to be a General Councillor for the SRC this year. My goal is to help convey the voice of the students and bring forth your ideas/concerns and answer any burning questions you may have. I am always wanting to talk so please feel free to stop me throughout the day or even if you see me out off campus. You’ll always get a friendly smile from me and I am more than happy to listen to anything you have to say! I am excited to start on some new projects throughout the year and work with some amazing people towards an even better BU. I absolutely love our little Bishop’s Bubble and all of the people within it. I am so excited to bleed purple with you all!

Some fun facts: I am from Ottawa, Ontario and growing up I played lots of sports such as softball, ringette, soccer, volleyball, the list goes on. My favourite colour is orange (and purple of course), Kraft Dinner and ketchup is my holy god and my main food source nowadays, and I love love love animals so if you have a puppy please find me and let me pet it!

I hope you all have an extraordinary year filled with new memories and new friends. Raise a toast! GO GAITERS:)