Grad Formal

Grad Formal is here! And this year we're sending it B I G for the class of 2019!

Location: The Delta Hotel, Sherbrooke, QC.

Time: 7pm - 9pm (buses leave at 5:15pm and 6:00pm)

Tickets: 70$, available for purchase as Doolittle's CASH ONLY.

You can buy your tickets as a table (of 8) or individual! But if you don't have it figured out with your friends yet - all good! You have time and we can help you out when you do!

We will have three buses leaving at two different time slots - 5:15 and 6:00.
You sign up for buses once you purchase your ticket!

Once all the tables have been filled we will be emailing tickets to the holders! SO PLEASE WRITE YOUR NAME AND EMAIL CORRECTLY.

It's an E-Ticket this time because we love the planet!

Dinner is at 7:00pm (we doing BUFFET STYLE!) and goes until 9:00pm. There are three types of mains to choose from, one of which being a vegan/vegetarian option. If you have any additional dietary restrictions or food allergies, on the sign up form you can indicate them so we can make sure the hotel knows!

There's no sign up/line up for the buses back. The understanding is that if you got a bus to the Delta, then you take a bus back! If you want to figure out your own transportation go ahead!

Remember how you entered; be proud of how you leave
— In memory of Rob Allen, Class of 73. Dedicated by Family and Friends

grad formal (2).png


What should I expect from the night?

There will be a cocktail happening until 7pm at the Delta. We will have a photo-booth set up as well as a photographer walking around and taking pics of the class of 2019 at their best! Then there’s dinner, it’s a buffet so you don’t have to stop eating if you don’t want to! We will have some programming throughout the evening before a cute lil dance party! And then we reach back to Lennoxville, for the Gait After Party!

Food Options?

We’re going to have three options for mains available on the buffet; vegan/vegetarian, fish, and meat. You also have the option to indicate when you purchase you ticket of any allergies, or dietary restrictions so we can make sure the hotel is aware when preparing the food.

We requested that there be vegan and vegetarian options available but, in any case, let us know when you sign up!

Grad Gifts?

We've rebranded the Grad Sweaters to be Grad Gifts. These are not included in the price of the ticket and will be available for purchase separately.

The reason we're not including it in ticket prices is again to keep costs low for students. The tickets are 70$ ticket because of the accumulation of inflation for our fixed expensed, which is the venue and buses and service charges. As well as to make sure that everyone who would like a grad gift is guaranteed to get one - opening this up to students who may not want to go to grad formal (but why wouldn't you) and still want some Class of 2019 swag!

These will be open for sale at another date when we have confirmed numbers!

Gait-After Party?

YES! There IS an after-party! and YES your friends can come (even if they aren’t going to Grad Formal). But if you are going to Grad Formal, and you head out on the 5:15pm bus slots, you get a FREE DRINK TICKET for later! The drink tickets are applicable for: Mixed Single Drinks and Anything on Tap (Rickard Red, Cider, Canadian, Gaiter Ales)

Why are tickets $70.00?

Below is a breakdown of the budget for Grad Formal 2019, versus that of Grad Formal 2018’s actual.

Grad Formal Budget.png

The tickets end up being $70 because that is the minimum amount we could charge to cover the expensed from the Delta, buses, and, entertainment.

Here is the breakdown further, going line by line:

  1. Ticket Sales: comes from the amount of people expected to attend (300), which was generated based on an attendance from last year of 287 people, multiplied by the ticket amount $70.00, which equates to $21,000.

  2. Grad Photos: comes from Grant Simeon. When you pay to take your grad photos, the amount to rent the gowns and fee for Grant is taken from this total. The leftover is given back to the SRC and immediately goes into Grad Formal as another revenue source.

  3. Expenses: majority of the expenses are higher from last year due to increases from the companies themselves as part of annual inflation. We have the same number of buses, 3, as last year. The licensing fee comes as part of being able to play music at the venue, we need to pay for permission. The Delta has requested we rent their equipment to use as part of our entertainment, this too costs money, $1500 for the night. The increase in the price of the dinner/Delta booking, has come from the Delta as they increased their prices in January 2019.

  4. Drink Tickets: this comes as a cost to us. In order to provide free drink tickets to people on the first set of buses, we need to compensate this from our own budget to pay for it.

  5. Miscellaneous: this is our buffer amount to cover any unforeseen cost.

Dress code?

FANCY A F! It’s the best time (aside from Convocation) to dress to impress! And if someone is wearing the same thing as you, that’s great! You have incredible taste!