The SRC is involved in many sustainability initiatives on campus. We continuously strive for a cleaner, greener university and do everything in our power to ensure that our own projects are conducted in environmentally sustainable ways. Take a look at some of these initiatives below!

Green Levy FUND

The Green Levy is a fund supported by student fees ($2.60/semester), intended for use in sustainability projects on campus. These funds are distributed by a multi-stakeholder group (including two SRC members) that promotes awareness of the need for sustainable projects on campus. This group also works to implement ideas and projects on campus concerning sustainable development. If you have an idea for a sustainable initiative that requires funding, apply for Green Levy funding here! Past projects include;

It's One Humanity

Elliott Verrault a Bishop's University Business student has been granted travel and accommodation money from the Green Levy for his organization It's One Humanity. The IOH Global Visual Petition Project for Climate Justice was born out of the desire to raise awareness on the issue of climate change and sustainability. The project takes on a particular focus on the international negotiation process that takes place at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and tries to engage other young students at Bishop’s and internationally to have their voice heard on this platform as well. Elliott was chosen to speak at a youth conference in Geneva and will be going to the COP 16 in Cancun Mexico. Bishop's University students can participate by going to and signing the petition to end climate change as well as leave comments for the delegations around the world to see. For more information on this initiative you can contact Elliot at

Bottled Water Free Campaign

Money was allotted to a "Rock 4 Water" concert event featuring the Wooden Sky, guest speaker Maude Barlow, and all first year students in September 2010 received a re-usable water bottled in their frosh orientation packages. For more information on the bottled water free campaign, take a look at this link.

Gaiter Gears

A bike share program, proposed by Nicola Zoghbi, composed of 6 bikes housed in Paterson to be rented by students, community members, and tourists. Meant to allow access to the several bike trails around Bishop's. A very good project which contributes to the well being of the Bishop's community, while also promoting a sustainable form of transportation.

Lennoxville Plastic Bag Initiative

Proposed by Robert Courteau, this project entails a campaign to ban plastic bags in Lennoxville. The money covered the cost of promotional t-shirts and cloth bags. The t-shirts were worn by volunteers who asked people to sign a petition to ban plastic bags. The bags were given to people who signed the petition. So far the bookstore on campus and Java Café have declared themselves plastic bag free. This is a great project if you look at the impact that plastic bags have on the environment. After conducting an audit, the student estimated that the businesses in Lennoxville provide more than 50,000 bags per week. Thus the ban could remove 2.6 Million bags a year, and 78 million bags in one generation (30 years). 

Clean Community Team

The Clean Community Team is a group of students dedicated to making Lennoxvegas a little greener. They help maintain a trash-free and environmentally friendly community while ensuring that the student body does not have a negative impact on the community of Lennoxville. The team is made up of Clean Community Team Officers who coordinate community clean-ups throughout the semester with the purpose of removing any trash within the community. The team goes out on Friday and Sunday mornings to clean our campus and town, and works closely with the Environmental Officer to coordinate and implement strategies to reduce the student body’s environmental and aesthetic impact on the community of Lennoxville.