We've had a busy start to the 2015-2016 academic year. Below, you will find a brief report from each executive detailing their current projects and involvements. As always, we encourage feedback or questions from students about the SRC's current portfolios! Don't hesitate to contact any of our members through the Contact Us page.


As part of our ongoing effort to improve the operations of the SRC and to more effectively fulfill our fiduciary responsibilities to the student body, an ad-hoc committee consisting of six members of the General Assembly (GA) has been meeting to discuss a restructure of the organization. We have been comparing our structure to that of student unions at similar universities, looking specifically at the services we offer, the accuracy of our student representation, and responsibilities of executive positions. While the committee has been making efficient headway, a full report of the committee’s findings and decisions will be presented for review at the upcoming general assembly.

Planning for Winter Orientation is well underway with the most robust programming schedule we’ve ever seen. This year, programming will focus on inclusivity toward all first-year students (not only incoming students). Many of the excellent Leaders and Judges from fall orientation will be returning to volunteer their time for Winter O-Week. Move-in day will take place on January 3rd, with a full day of programming on the 4th. The rest of the week’s programming will be in the evening. A full schedule will be established at a later date, once the appropriate university stakeholders have been consulted.

The SRC executives have been planning a meeting with students who are interested in running in the January elections. The event will include a brief presentation of GA members’ roles and responsibilities as well as information about the electoral process. A date for this event has not yet been finalized.

Other projects currently underway include:

  1. Awards Night 2016. A committee is being formed to make the event more inclusive.
  2. Valedictorian selection committee.
  3. Providing a student perspective to the university’s “Plan de Redraissement”, the five-year financial recovery plan.


Gait sales are up $33,588.01 compared to the same dates last year (May 1st to November 1st) and Doolittle’s sales are up $19,481.78. Due to the increase in demand, the Gait will be hiring one or two new bartenders in the coming weeks. Part of the increased revenue is attributable to the new glassware, which is allowing savings on disposable cups and is also better for the environment!

New deals have been made with Gallo Wine and New Amsterdam Vodka. These new partnerships allow for better drinks and cheaper prices at The Gait, as well as new bar decorations to be installed for the winter semester.

As discussed at the previous General assembly, the MEV (Module d’Enregistrement de Vente, or sales recording module) will be installed before the end of the month with receipts being distributed with every drink purchase after February 1st, 2016.

Winterfest planning is still underway, and the new sponsorship packages have been completed. This year, a French version of the document has also been created in order to attract a greater selection of sponsors.


The Yearbook committee has met twice and is off to an excellent start. This year’s Quad yearbook will include much more written content to complement the photos, and the team is working to include a more varied portrait of all the facets of life at Bishop’s. No deliverable are available yet, but the drafts look great.

For the 2015 launch of Toast Radio, the page on the website has been completely redone. It is now more user-friendly and includes information about the radio as well as a programming schedule. Within the next few months, the Radio page will be modified to include an embedded player. This will allow users to listen to the radio directly from busrc.com and will enable the player to be embedded into the SRC app.

We have met with liaisons from Oohlala, our mobile app provider, to discuss the app. In general, student response to the app has been very positive, with new students finding the built-in Orientation Week programming to be quite valuable to their integration into the Bishop’s community. The developers have confirmed that we will be able to create new custom app tiles. This will allow the SRC to have a portal within the app for students to provide anonymous feedback to the SRC to allow us to better serve the student body. We will be receiving a comprehensive analysis of how our app is being used within the next month.

Departmental photos have been captured and will be edited in the coming week. They will be visible on the Our Team page shortly so that students can get to know the students who have been elected to represent them. The photos will also be made into posters for our office doors to clarify what each department does for students.


Kelsey Boucher has been hired as our Head Academic Mentor. A guideline document for the academic mentoring program will be completed for the winter semester. If everything goes according to plan, it may be possible to find office space for the program in Mackinnon.

This year, the SRC’s study hall service is being expanded to include a weekday morning study hall from 6 to 8 AM and a weekend morning study hall from 6 to 10 AM. Building off the success of last year’s study hall initiative, there will also be the regular time from 12 to 2:30 AM. All GA members will be volunteering their time for two shifts.

Bishop’s Speaks preparation is ahead of schedule, and a dry run of the event will be taking place on the evening of November 5th.

Chelsea will be meeting with the Head Librarian to discuss the creation of an institutional repository for textbooks at Bishop’s. This is part of an ongoing effort to create open access to textbooks at lower costs for students. Work will be continuing on this project next semester. Complementary to our current peer-tutoring program, we will be working with GradeSlam to provide additional support to students. Additionally, the department continues to work on strategies to support our current peer tutoring service.


Drug Awareness Week will be kicked off with a speaker at Bishop’s Speaks discussing the effects of study drugs. Following this, there will be a table in the SUB every day of the week with a focus on different drugs each day of the campaign. A booth will be available to open up the discussion through a confession board and a board to debunk common misconceptions about certain drugs. The Student Affairs Representatives (SARs) and the Psych Club will be on hand to assist with the campaign.

Mental Health and Wellness Week planning is moving along quickly. Meetings to determine topics have been occurring regularly. The current plan is to focus on relationships, stress, time management, and depression.

The joint health and safety committee has received over 400 responses with feedback on the smoke-free campus project. The committee has established that moving toward a smoke-free campus is not realistic right now, but SARs will be sifting through comments to categorize opinions to determine what elements of the project could be realistically implemented in a reasonable time frame.


Trick-Or-Eat was hugely successful. The campaign even received a few monetary donations from the community.

Communications for the Blood Drive will begin on the 10th, immediately after Bishop’s Speaks. In collaboration with the recruitment department, the planning committee has invited many news outlets to attend the event, since it is a great opportunity to display the university’s new facilities (the John H. Price Sports Centre) while also providing visibility to the SRC’s initiatives.

Puppy Day planning is underway, and the local animal shelter has been contacted to work out the details of the day.