The Student Representatives Council (SRC) holds General Assembly (GA) meetings every second Sunday at 6 pm in McGreer 101; the first meeting was September 13 and the following will be September 27.  All students are welcome to observe the meetings, although seating is somewhat limited.  This Sunday was the first time I had been to an SRC meeting.  Sixteen members of the GA were present, with the and myself and one other student sitting as observers.

The meeting began, as such affairs so often do, with dry procedural matters; SRC President Matthew Robinson made some kind remarks about Frosh Week and those involved with it, and deferred a full report of his summer doings until September 27, when the new On-Campus Student Event Coordinator (SEC) and Student Affairs Representatives (SAR) will have been elected, as did all other Executives in turn. 

The Director of Financial Operations (DFO), Emily MacGowan, made the point that “Doolittle’s now has the cheapest beer in Lennoxville; we make only 50 cents profit on each 12-pack and case.  Tell your friends: it is worth the long walk carrying it home!”  She also noted that the recent XLight Run had been a significant boon to the SRC, despite Doolittle’s only selling about 200 of the 1000 tickets and shirts they had purchased.  It was suggested that the XLight Run be included in Frosh Week next year to encourage participation in it, lest the SRC have to write off hundreds of tickets and shirts.

The SRC’s first Director of Communications and Marketing (DCM), Benjamin Tracy, spoke about the new SRC website, (which is leagues better than the old one).  He hopes to add regular updates to the website’s SRC blog, including posting upcoming GA meeting agendas there a few days before the meeting is to be held, for students to peruse.  DCM Tracy also mentioned improvements to the SRC app which I’m informed make it much more valuable. 

The Vice President—Social (VP Social), Eamonn Doyne, submitted a new club the “Oxyclub” whose goal is to save the world’s rainforests, their ecosystems, and animals; this was duly approved.

The student sitting beside me in the observers’ seats, Chief Returning Officer (CRO) Derek Masters, was asked to speak about the On-Campus SEC and SAR elections happening September 22 and 23.  He mentioned that only 5 students are running for 3 positions.  Several minor changes and clarifications were made to SRC elections rules, most especially reducing from 3 to 2 days of voting, and making posters fewer, smaller, and include the short biography cum position statement that candidates submit to be used on the ballots.

The floor returned to SRC Pres. Robinson, who spoke about the SRC’s efforts to engage with the upcoming federal elections.  All upcoming leaders’ debates will be screened in the Gait, although closed captioning may be necessary, since all but one will coincide with happy hour.  Elections Canada will be setting up a “Riding Office” in Adams Dining Room (in Dewhurst Dining Hall) where any Bishops or Champlain student, either local or not, may ask any questions about whether and where they are registered to vote.  The SRC has invited all federal leaders to speak at Bishops, although so far only Deputy Green Party Leader Daniel Green has responded (September 22 at 10 am).  The local NDP candidate asked to speak to the Bishops community, so an invitation has been opened to all four Compton-Stanstead candidates.

Two hours after starting, the GA had discussed all items on its agenda, and the members enthusiastically passed a motion to adjourn.

First published on, reprinted by permission of The Campus.