The role of the SRC executive is to simultaneously represent students interests and take a lead role in the operation and execution of SRC initiatives. The executives oversee individual departments and portfolios, relating to separate areas and aspects of student life and the function of a student organization. They work alongside other representatives, not above them, and are responsible to the students who've elected them, but are mandated to take on managerial responsibilities in addition to their representative capacity.

The structure of student union executive groups varies across the country, and over the years, the SRC has made changes to the composition of the Executive Committee in a means to better reflect the values of the organization and the needs of the students at Bishop's. In the mid-2000s, the executive cabinet was reorganized with the VP Internal position being renamed VP Student Affairs, the VP External position being rolled into the responsibilities of the President, and the creation of the VP Social. This past year saw the creation of a new hired executive, the Director of Communications and Marketing, in order to help the SRC better promote and share our services with you the student body.

This year, the SRC General Assembly passed a motion to create an Internal Review Committee, tasked with the evaluation of the SRC's functions and operations. The goal of the committee was to focus on representation, departmental structure, and reassess response to student needs. The committee did research on best practices across Canadian universities, and reached out to our U4 partners for advice. In a presentation to the General Assembly on November 22nd, the Internal Review Committee outlined changes to the representative roles at both the executive and general assembly levels. Requiring changes to the SRC Constitution, these changes are being brought to the General Assembly for approval, prior to the 2016-2017 SRC Elections.

The first of these changes, and the largest change outright is the proposal for the creation of a new Vice President of Student Life, simultaneously replacing the VP Social and VP Student Affairs. Bearing a strong resemblance to both positions, it would see the new VPSL continue the representative capacity of the VPSA as well as the creation of a variety ofinclusive events and activities. The VPSL would oversee a team of event coordinators, hired for their skill sets, rather than elected. The portfolio of clubs would also remain under the VPSL, with a hired Clubs Manager taking on a variety of the day-to-day responsibilities pertaining to the needs of student groups.

In order to be adopted as a new position, changes to the constitution are only made following two separate votes by the GA. The first of these votes took place on Sunday, January 10th, with the second vote scheduled to take place this Sunday, January 17th, at 6pm in the Gait. We want to hear your thoughts, concerns, and ensure that this position is something that is right for your Student Government.

If the vote passes, the new VPSL will be elected in this round of Executive Elections, if not, the change will not be made, and both the VP Social and VP Student Affairs positions will be available. Visit our elections page for details about the upcoming Executive Election.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me at or stop by my office, SUB 120.