The problem

Moodle. We all use it. Some love it, some hate it, but it's an undeniably useful tool for teachers to communicate and share files with students. However, if you've been at Bishop's for several years, you'll begin to realize how tedious it is to scroll through all those courses you took three years ago. Don't fret! There is a solution.

The solution

STEP 1:  Head over to Moodle, log in, and click on your Dashboard.

Sub-pro-tip: tired of going through to access Moodle? Go directly there by typing into your address bar. After a while, your browser's auto-fill will figure things out and you won't need to type the full URL!

STEP 2: Click "Customize this page". This will bring up options to organize your Dashboard.

If your Dashboard has no courses on it, click "Reset page to default" after Step 2. This should cause all your courses to be displayed. If you're still having issues, contact ITS. They can fix all your problems.

STEP 3: Bring all your current classes to the top of the list. You can do this by clicking and dragging on the four-arrow icon at the top of each course. 

STEP 4: This one is optional! Once all your current courses are at the top of the page, click on the drop down menu to choose how many course to display. If you are currently enrolled in five courses, select "5" in the menu.

Voilà! Now just click "Stop customizing this page" and you're done. All your current classes will be displayed on your Dashboard without any clutter. You are now free to get back to that Moodle assignment you've been procrastinating about.