• Matthew Robinson - President
  • Emily MacGowan - Director of Finance and Operations
  • Benjamin Tracy - Director of Communications and Marketing
  • Rebecca Reid - Student Events Coordinator
  • Jean-Philippe Allen - Business Senator
  • Abigail Vandzura - Student Affairs Representative
  • Erin Mallory - General Manager, Administration


The committee was organized to evaluate a variety of areas of the SRC’s departments and structure in efforts of improving our efficiency, productivity, inclusivity, legitimacy, transparency, and overall representation.

Key areas of focus for the committee were the composition of the General Assembly, the roles of executives and the departmental breakdown, as well as research into the function of the SRC as an association, a union, or otherwise.

Over the course of this semester the committee met four times. The committee feels it would be beneficial to extend the mandate into the Winter 2016 semester in order to continue the review process, drawing from further members of the Bishop’s community and the Students Association.



In terms of representation, the current structure sees that elected representative members of the SRC General Assembly are expected to take on the role of day-to-day operations and project management, working under the direction of their respective Vice President. The committee established that this dynamic works to the detriment of the representatives,  ecause of the power imbalance created between the executive committee and the GA.

All positions should have equal representative status and have as much input in the operations or functions and activities as any other. Representatives should not be required to take direction from executives, rather work in a representative capacity alongside them.

As a solution, the committee recommends the elimination of the position of on- and off-campus Student Affairs Representatives, and Student Events Coordinators, in order to replace them with an assortment of specific representative and councillor-at-large positions as follows:

  • Two (2) Equity Officers
  • Environmental Sustainability Officer
  • Health and Wellness Officer
  • External Affairs Officer
  • First-Year Student Representative
  • On-Campus Student Representative
  • Four (4) Councillors-at-large

These representatives would work alongside the elected executive members as the representative voice of the students. Elected executives would also serve as councillors-at-large and work to represent the interests of all students. The operations of the departments would function under the direction of the executive with events and operations carried out by hired employees. The General Assembly would provide direction to the Executive for potential events and services the SRC should offer. These representatives, in addition to the Academic Senators, would compose and sit on various committees as required by the SRC or the University.

VP Social and VP Student Affairs

The question of representation is also important to consider when looking at the functions of these two departments. The VP Social is an elected representative with limited representative capacity within the university. The position is mainly operational and does not require a democratically elected student to organize the variety of events the SRC organizes on an annual basis. The operations of clubs also do not require an elected student representative.

The committee would like to recommend that the positions of VP Social and VP Student Affairs be amalgamated into a singular elected position of VP Student Life. This elected executive member would be responsible for the current operations, events, and services provided by the Social Affairs and Student Affairs departments. As a councillor-at-large, they would work to represent all students of the university on a variety of committees.

The committee recommends the hiring of students to fill the operational needs of this department. They would work under the direct supervision of a given VP and the executive committee as whole:

  • Clubs Manager:

    • Would be responsible for the management of Athletic, Social, Philanthropic, and Academic Clubs
    • Ensure that all club heads are adequately trained in SRC and University policy
    • Chair meetings of the Club Heads Committee to facilitate idea sharing
    • Work with the VP Student Life to mitigate club conflicts
  • Events Coordinators:

    • A team of three events coordinators would work under the direction of the executives:
      • 1 Academic Events Coordinator (Bishop’s Speaks, Wine & Cheeses, etc.)
      • 1 Philanthropic Events Coordinator (Trick or Eat, Blood Drives, Underwear Run, etc.)
      • 1 Student Life Events Coordinator (Frosh-in-a-Can, Puppy Days, BU Love Yourself, etc.)
    • More specialized coordinators could be hired as necessary for larger events (ie. Winterfest, Grad Formal, etc.)

The committee would like to identify that hired members need not be included in the SRC Constitution.

Next Steps:

  • A constitutional amendment to incorporate the position of VP Student Life will be distributed two weeks prior to the first General Assembly meeting of Winter 2016.
  • Amendments for other positions will be brought forward in the Winter 2016 semester.
  • More research will be done in the area of the SRCs role as an association, union, federation, etc., as well as regarding graduate studies programs at Bishop’s as it relates to a Graduate Students Representative or Senator.
  • Evaluations of the SRC Communications and Marketing department ahead of its first year.