As your representatives, we sometimes spend so much time in meetings and planning sessions that we forget to inform you about about our current projects! This year, we will be working to change that by posting monthly updates from inside the SRC. As 2015 comes to a close, here is a brief report from each executive detailing their current projects and involvements. As always, we encourage feedback or questions from students about the SRC's current portfolios! Don't hesitate to contact any of our members through the Contact Us page.



The internal review committee has completed a year-end report, which was presented to the general assembly (GA) on November 22nd. the ad-hoc group has been working over the course of the semester to evaluate the current structure and operation of the SRC to determine how we can better serve students. this report will be published as a blog post on this website shortly.

Our Winter Orientation organizing committee presented the most robust programming schedule we’ve ever seen to an extremely supportive audience of university stakeholders. Tasks have been divvied up between members of the executive cabinet and we are excited to welcome new students in January.

Due to time constraints, the SRC will not be holding an information session this semester for students interested in running in the 2016 elections. We will be holding a meeting for interested parties early in the New Year instead, which will allow us to better market the event and reach more students who may be interested in running for the positions.

A joint board and senate meeting will be taking place this Friday and all students are welcome to attend. The members (which include the SRC President) will be discussing the final report of the academic analysis survey and the budget report. This year-end meeting will be an excellent opportunity for students to learn about government funding of university expenses, the challenges Bishop’s is facing, and the initiatives that Bishop’s has been taking to overcome these challenges.

Finally, the SRC recently hosted a forum in the SUB lobby, during which students were encouraged to share their comments and concerns with members of the SRC. We will be addressing these comments very soon on our blog and will be working hard to plan an even more successful forum early in the Winter 2016 semester.



The SRC’s operations at The Gait and Doolittle’s are doing extremely well this semester. The Gait has made profits of $38,000, while Doolittle’s has made $4,000. At the beginning of the year, contributions to our budget from these operations were projected to be $38,500 and $6,750 respectively for the full 2015-2016 academic year. As such, we are well on our way to surpass these projections and bring more funds to invest in student-facing projects.



Following the internal goals set out for this academic year, the SRC is continuing to improve communication with the student population. Two weeks ago, a comprehensive blog post was shared in order to keep students aware of the projects that the SRC is involved with. We hope to continue to do this on a bi-weekly basis for the rest of the year. Take a look at our blog for the latest updates!

In order to improve awareness of the scope of the SRC, the DCM has created and edited departmental photos for the website and the SUB hallway. These photos will be accompanied by a short description of the department along with an introduction from each SRC member.

Last week was our best ever on social media! We topped the engagement metrics of all the U4 schools, which means that our posts are reaching Bishop’s students effectively. We will continue to improve our communications to keep Bishop’s students informed.



Starting this week, SRC members will be volunteering their time to bring back extended library hours throughout the exam period with Study Hall. Following some student suggestions, this year will see the introduction of morning Study Hall hours. If this is received well, this will likely be repeated in upcoming exam periods as well.

The peer mentorship project is moving along at a steady pace. Miles Turnbull has reserved the wicket space in the old health clinic, which will be a great space to use for this initiative once the renovations are complete.

The Mock LSAT and LCAT exams were extremely well-received, with about one hundred students showing up to take the tests. Exams have been sent out for correction. Many students asked if this would be an annual event, which is very encouraging. We would love to see this return in the 2016-2017 academic year!


This has been a busy time for the VP Student Affairs, with many committees producing their end-of-year reports. The committee looking into obligatory student fees has benchmarked our school against similar Canadian universities and is now looking to change some of these fees. This will not greatly change the amount of fees being paid by the average student, but will make the distribution of these fees more equitable.

Drug Awareness Week was reasonably well received, with many students attending the NewHab talk in Bandeen. Hopefully turnout will improved for this event in the future as promotion of the event improves.

A project for a new peer wellness centre is currently being examined. This would create a safe space for students to drop in and speak to someone about their struggles. Anyone interested in being involved in the project should contact Heather Barlow at

Other updates:

  1. Exam care packs have been stuffed and will soon be distributed to students.
  2. Mental Health and Wellness Week planning is currently in progress.
  3. An apartment living workshop is planned for early next semester to help inform students of their rights and responsibilities as tennants.


The pet connection will be running a Puppy Day on December 2nd in the Gait.

The biannual blood drive had a good turnout, though we were a mere four donors under the all-time Bishop’s record. 25 new first-time donors gave blood, and many attendees were appreciative of the new venue for the event (the sports centre). We will be working hard to make break the donor record during the winter semester blood drive.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post them as a comment or get in touch with us! We love helping and engaging with our student body.