On September 14th & 15th from 11:30am-4:00pm, members of your SRC were in the SUB Lobby introducing themselves, answering questions, handing out yearbooks, and taking comments & suggestions. Your DCM did some (super fun!) data entry work and then your SRC Executive team answered or responded to many of the questions, comments and suggestions! They are listed below :)

Accountability, Transparency, Fees

Enough fee increases!

We agree. Last year, the SRC agreed not to increase the Activity Fee with regards to inflation for that very reason. Even more so, the SRC will be implementing a policy to ensure that any fee increases proposed by the university, must be presented no later than the start of the winter semester. This will enable us to be able to spend more time consulting students. 

More available consultation hours!

SRC Representatives are stationed at all times during the week at the library, in the SUB and soon to be in Dewies. Every Executive also has multiple drop-in hours throughout the week (indicated on all of our doors)-- come by and see us!

How can we get to know our pres and VPs?

Every Executive has three hours of office hours each day where students can come by and voice their concerns, or just to chat. Stop by some time and say hi!

More Accountability + Transparency

This is something we worked very hard on over the summer. We recently posted our Strategic Plan for the 2016/2017 year, which outlines all of our major goals/projects for the year so you can see them and gauge our progress. One project, for example, is a Financial Town Hall (on October 11, 2016 from 4-6PM in The Gait) that explains and contextualizes the SRC budget. 

More Friendly Faces

Please come tell us jokes to make us smile so our faces are friendlier!

Food on Campus

More fruit + avocado in Dewies, more healthy food on campus, Bus Stop coffee shop in Nicolls open late on week days for late night classes, Gaiter Grill open in evenings for supper (or at least pizza place) for off-campus students.

Your new On Campus Student Representative (Keagan Mackay) will be doing their Consultation Hours in the Dewies lobby from now on. Keagan will be sitting on the Campus Dining Committee -- these would all be excellent points to bring up to them! 

Operating Hours

More hours for library & gym

There's a lot of operational costs that go into have extended hours for both facilities. With that being said, when advocate for longer hours, it traditionally comes at the cost of other services. Figuring out what we want to lose in return is the tricky part, but the SRC works closely with the head librarians and Dean of Students, and we work with them to find the most optimal times to have extended hours. 

Getting Around & Parking

Free bus transport included in fees, please!

Funny you bring that up! Surveying students with regards to adding a fee that will give free access to public transit (like UdeS) is in the works! This will hopefully put a dent in the parking situation that those who commute to campus are familiar with! This issue is close to a few of our execs' hearts! We're working on it!

Fix parking situation

For any concerns related to parking on-campus please contact the Vice-President Student Life at srcstu@ubishops.ca who can then raise such concerns to the Director of Security. 

Student Spaces

Invest in Diversity Centre. Make it a safe space

What an excellent idea! Transforming the Diversity Center into a safer space is one of the SRC's primary goals, and there's other students on campus who are interested in doing the same thing. Part of the earlier stages is renovating and re-populating the space for the time being (in the works), followed by providing the space with the necessary resources to make it a Safe Space. This project requires extensive research, and we have had the support of some alumni to direct us in the right direction.

Have a dry (alcohol free) space to hang on weekends or evenings or dry activities on Gait nights

This suggestion works in tandem with the Transformation of Diversity Center. While our campus is quite large, we have very little space dedicated to strictly hanging out and relaxing. Hopefully once the Diversity Space is re-imagined, it will be able to be serve as this spot for students on campus. 

Equity, Representation, Accessibility

Give the indigenous cultural alliance a space on campus

Bishop's is one of the only universities in Canada that does not have a space dedicated to Indigenious students. The SRC is dedicated to advocating to the university that this space be created and given to our Indigenious Students. The University has a lot of space, and a lot of the space is underutilized (if used at all) -- the current step is finding where this space will be and call the university to action to respond to this concern.

Equity: represent our student body in equity perspectives

Equity is a major priority for the SRC this year. We have our new Equity Representative, who has already brainstormed a large number of projects and conversations. Additionally, the SRC included Equity Training for its Executives and representatives over the Spring, and will be engaging in further conversations surounding equity as a group later on in October to better equip our representatives to respond to equity concerns.

Deal with sexual assault cultures

The SRC is working alongside the University to implement programs, awareness campaigns, etc. to build awareness regarding assault and harrassment. For example, the SRC included a mandatory Bystander Intervention Training sessions for all incoming students, we are creating new drink coasters for the Gait that raises awareness of the importance of consent, and there's more to come! There will never be a single solution to this problem, but it's important that we continue to engage in the discussion.

Have a cultural day where students share food/games/etc from their homes

The Bishop's University International Students Association is a great group to talk to about this kind of event. You can find their contact information at busrc.com/clubs.

Better accessibility to buildings for people with limited mobility

Accessibility on campus is a major issue and it's mostly the fact that our campus has been in existence for a long time and was not built to be accomodating (all those years ago). However, it's important that as the University moves forward, future construction projects should have modernized accessibility. One policy proposal we are hoping to create and bring to a Board of Govenors sub-committee is a construction policy that would involve students in all construction/planning discussions and would make a point to improve accessibility.

Look for positive speakers that reflect student values and safety

Definitely! This is something SRC achieves through a lot of its committee work. For example, the SRC Equity Rep and VP Academic are working with the University's Status of Women Committee (and others) to organize a feminist panel in February. There also opportunities for you to suggest speakers - in the spring for example, a call will go out for Donald Lecutre Series nominations, and you can nominate anyone you'd like!


Don't make club sign up on BUbble mandatory!, I don't understand BUbble

Learning a new system and getting committed to it, takes some time. However, the SRC thinks that the BUbble will have a major impact on the management of clubs, submitting club reports, signing up for new clubs, etc. We encourage you to give it a try, we're sure you'll soon like it just as much as we do!

The Gait & Doolittles

Bring back trivia night, but you are doing a good job!

Thank you! The SRC is working hard to establish Quiet Bars Hours that would allow us to remain open and reduce our expenses (Would you believe that Marshals are expensive?). Once we're able to get around this hurdle, we'll be able to offer Trivia Night again! In the mean time, if you and your friends are interested -- a Trivia Night club is another option available for your as well.

Bring back water bottles/boxed water!

Years ago the school decided to stop selling bottled water as a green initiative, but this really extends to all forms of packaged water. There are so many hidden energies that go into packaging something you can get from the tap for free - we suggest purchasing a reusable water bottle from Doolittle's or the Bookstore instead!