This year, we've strived for transparency in everything that we do. From informing students of General Assembly (GA) dates in the Dish to posting updates throughout the semester about what the execs are up to. In transitioning the incoming execs, we have decided to make this even more of a priority in the coming year.

Every year, each member of the GA present a report on their involvements during the year. These are usually archived to provide insightful information to future members of the SRC so that we can learn from our mistakes and keep improving the work we do for students. This year, we have decided to publish the reports publicly so that all students can learn about what the SRC worked on over the year and what we've learned. If you have any issues accessing the links below, please contact

2015/16 President's Report

2015/16 VP Academic Affairs Report

2015/16 VP Student Affairs Report

2015/16 VP Social Report

2015/16 Director of Finance and Operations Report

2015/16 Director of Communications and Marketing Report

2015/16 Business Senator Report

2015/16 Education Senator Report

2015/16 Humanities Senator Report

2015/16 Natural Science and Mathematics Senator Report

2015/16 Social Science Senator Report

2015/16 SEC Reports

2015/16 SAR Reports