Morgan Gagnon -- SRC President

Hey Gaiters!

This summer we've been h a r d at work prepping for your return to campus, and the year ahead.

What does that look like?

WELL, we're working with several different lawyers to ensure the legitimacy of our new constitution. In other words, we're making sure that it's solid as a rock, no loop holes. We'll be voting to implement it in November, so put those November GAs in your calendar!! But don't worry, we'll be sharing the new constitution with everyone before that.

We're ALSO applying for accreditation this year. This means that the university will recognize us as the legal representatives of you, the students. The university is also obligated to collect membership fees from you on our behalf. This allows us to work on all of our various projects, including our advocacy, the Peer Mentorship Program, and Orientation Week. Fun fact: we currently function as if we're accredited, because we (the SRC) are 90 years older than the accreditation process! But we'd like to cross our Ts and dot our Is. Again, stay tuned for more info.

In between chatting with lawyers, we've also been finding apartments for the incoming exchange students who weren't able to be accommodated in res. We collected a bunch of furniture from Kuehner to furnish these apartments. After a few days of manual labour, they're all set up and looking as good as a student apartment can.

FINALLY, we've been building a relationship with the Quebec Student Union and it's member universities. Jess and I attended the August caucus, where we voted to create a mental health survey to be administered across the Quebec universities, as well as a study on student debt, and campus sustainability. That weekend, we also had the opportunity to march in the Montreal Pride Parade. We were jazzed to see a few Bishop's students there as well!


I'll stop my list here, but believe you me there a lot of other things (did someone say OWeek?), and a zillion emails, as always!


Erica Phillips -- VP Academic Affairs

It’s been an amazing summer in the SRC hallway, and despite most of the initial projects on my desk moving to completion (we HAVE added a GRE mock exam to the roster – I repeat, a GRE mock exam will be offered this year!), there are so many cool new opportunities that keep vying for my attention that I can honestly say I’ve never had a boring day of work.
Most recently, myself and Head Peer Academic Mentor Josée have trained an incoming team of Peer Academic Mentors, pictured below with the new SIGN we have on the front of Mackinnon!

Image uploaded from iOS.jpg

This year, to address the diverse international and intercultural needs of our incoming students, we've added a new role to the team, on top of the 5 divisional mentors: the International Peer Mentor is knowledgeable on all facets of the move into Lennoxville from all far-flung countries, and can help you find the resources that you need immediately after coming onto campus and beyond. and are the contacts for questions regarding Peer Academic Mentoring, and appointment bookings can be made at by any student looking for a little mentorship.

I’m very excited to announce that, for the first time in student memory, the EWP exam has been moved to AFTER of Orientation Week! Now, our incoming class's introduction to BU classrooms will be Academic Orientation and their own chosen classes, rather than an exam – as nature intended. 

Stay tuned for a new academic event coming your way in March: true to my election platform, my event coordinator Gelsey and I have worked to maintain the heavy focus on interdisciplinary teams working together, but sadly that is all I can give away for now 😉

For the semester, I will continue advocating on the topic of teaching excellence, a portfolio which comprises of altering the structure of teaching awards so that they reflect a higher level of prestige at the university and national level, having open conversations about mental health in classrooms, and reviewing the process of teaching evaluation to make sure that students' feedback is being effectively communicated. Cool stuff!
Never a dull moment in the SRC, I swear.


Marilyn Hardy -- VP Student Life

This spring and summer was nothing short of spectacular! I was transitioning from a General Councillor role to the Vice President Student Life in a very short period of time. I started off by sitting through numerous hiring committees in which we selected a coordinator of accessibility & accommodations, a new manager of counselling, as well as our wonderful new Dean of Student Affairs.

I also attended the ASEQ Stakeholder Meeting in the spring which was a fantastic opportunity to network with other student union executives across Canada. At the conference I was able to get some ideas from other universities and contribute those towards a long term mental health plan. I then travelled to New Brunswick to exchange with Mount Allison University Student Association (MASU) and discuss potential opportunities of the Maple League Student Unions. The next day I flew to BC to attend the Student Union Development Summit (SUDS) where myself, Erica and 150 other student leaders attended workshops, built on our strengths and improved our weaknesses with another round of productive networking.


The projects I’ve taken on/worked on this summer involve bringing napping pods to the Learning Commons, then implementation of ordering an Angelot at the Gait, developing a mental health and wellness SRC page, the implementation of EmpowerMe, brainstorming and developing new ways to attract students to the Sportsplex (STAY TUNED!) Other cool projects I’ve been looking deeper into include healthier food options on campus, building a long term mental health plan, testing different mental health and wellness applicationsand more. Lastly, Orientation Week has been another large project throughout the summer in which I have been working on revamping the Student Life Panel, Off-Campus Students Orientation and Judge/Leader Scavenger hunt.



Jessica Goodsell -- Director of Communications & Marketing

In my second summer as DCM, I was able to hit the ground running by creating a (n nearly) exhaustive list of everything that needs to be done in this upcoming year, from major events to hiring periods to general graphic design needs, I’ve got it all planned out. After my initial planning flurry, I set out to hire my team for the upcoming year, consisting of a photographer, a publications coordinator and a social media coordinator, who are all ready to kick off a great year in the communications department.

I have made some modifications to our website to bring it up to date and have been working with the clubs manager in order to have The BUbble ready for our wide launch this semester!

In August (while Erica & Mar were at SUDS in Vancouver), Morgan and I attended the UEQ Caucus (in Laval no less! Vancouver Shmancouver amirite?) and Training Workshops, where we learned a lot about being a student union in Quebec and came away with lots to think about and newly acquired knowledge on best practices for a student association. During that weekend, we also marched in the Montreal Pride Parade, which was a truly incredible experience.

the gem of Laval and the view from our Hotel

the gem of Laval and the view from our Hotel

Lots of my time has been taken up this summer by fixing little nitty gritty things in our processes and online presence (and many a lunch break spent researching Shrek memes), but this will help keep things running smoothly for the whole SRC team as we move into the year.


Hunter Gong -- Director of Finance & Operations

Last year there was a big change on the budget format. The previous DFO, Andrew Morton, has made the budget very accessible and transparent to the students who have no accounting knowledge. Although this is a great format, but I have found some imperfections that need to be improved. This year, the new budget is more organized and reflects realistically how much the SRC actually has in cash. For example, the Green Levy fund account was part of the operation budget last year which is not true since it cannot be used for SRC operations. Now, this will be categorized under restricted asset account which will make the budget reflect more accurately on the real cash that SRC has.

I spent almost the entire summer helping the two amazing OWeek Coordinators to plan the Fall Orientation Week with lots of logistical support. I have recruited the sponsors, putting together the Gaiter Garden and the Concert nights, and also ordered the Orientation Week swag.

With the passionate Doolittle’s and the Gait’s managers, I know we are going to have a great year ahead of us. This summer, we have created a new position at the Gait: Gait Assistant Manager Social Media and Marketing, a.k.a the GAMSMM. She will be mainly in charge of publishing content on social media to better promote the Gait's events. We are also planning to have a concert night at the Gait with a big name DJ and many more surprises. So stay tuned! The new Doolittle’s managers have lots of great ideas already in order to improve profitability for the store. We came up with some more clothing designs and some new products to sell at the store. (You should go check them out!)


I will finalize the budget over the course of the next couple weeks and will closely monitor both Gait and Doolittle’s operations. I’m really excited to work with my new team to run the operations for our students.


Jacob Kaplan -- Director of Human Resources

Since starting my term as Director of Human Resources, I’ve continued to build upon the framework for the SRC’s HR Department established by my predecessor, Dominique. This includes creating clear, but strong employment contracts for all positions within the organization as well as extensive employee tracking information systems such as databases and vacation logs for example. I have organized various workshops for our executive team including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, as well as working closely with Dr. Mike Teed on Professional and Leadership Development. With Dr. Teed, we are creating a book club focusing on ‘soft skills’ and personal development (if you are interested in joining please send me an email at ( . Additionally, I have worked on improving the quality and variety of interview questions, updating job descriptions as well as reduced the often intimidatingly large interview panels. With various members of my team, we have interviewed and hired candidates for nearly 20 positions.


Looking to the future, I’m looking forward to continue working on the development of Human Resource Policies, as well as clarity and transparency of roles, responsibilities and hiring practices within the SRC. I am also working closely with various supervisors on effective training processes and practices, as well as performance appraisals. Lastly, I encourage everyone to regularly visit to stay up to date with current and upcoming availabilities within the SRC.

Raise a Toast!