Alexandra Medalsy - 2018-2019 SRC President

November 14th 2018

Jessica Caputo - 2018-2019 VP Academic Affairs

 As usual it’s been a very busy month!  Here are a few things that were working on at the moment.

1.     Restructuring the  Student Success Centre program

2.     Planning study hall

3.     Providing senators with the tools they need to conduct on campus survey feedbacks

4.     Plan Bishops Speaks

5.     Build the Failure panel in collaboration with BUCS

6.     Planning to propose a section on mental health in the syllabuses at senate, in collaboration with Professor Teed and Enzo our BSR rep

7.     Planning the teaching awards

8.     Planning the “ Tell us what you need” event

 If you have any questions, comments or concerns please stop by my office! I always love hearing feedback from you!

Marilyn Hardy - 2018-2019 VP External Affairs

Have you checked your emails lately? Well if you have, you most likely noticed the email asking you to take part in our MENTAL HEALTH SURVEY which has been an ongoing project of mine since the mid to end of my last year as VP Student Life. Now as VP External Affairs, I have worked countless hours and as hard as possible to ensure our students get to take part in the study as well. That being said if you didn’t seen our countless posters, our shattered smiley face coasters and yellow t-shirts then know that the SRC has been promoting this mental health study across campus for the past week in order to maximize the participation of this survey. This survey is done in collaboration with 13 other universities and the Quebec Student Union (QSU) representing an approximate total of 150,000 students in order to depict what mental health looks like for our students across the province. So, if you haven’t already, please take 7 minutes of your time to fill it out.

Although the mental health study has taken up the majority of my time I have also been working on the following:

-       Planning our very first Bishop’s held QSU caucus which will be held end of November.

-       Preparing for the federal advocacy week on parliament hill (Advocacy Week) in partnership with the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations and QSU.

 As always, if you have questions, comments and/or concerns do not hesitate to email me @ CHEERS.

Darcie Danesh - 2018-2019 Director of Communications and Marketing

With midterm season (finally) coming to a close, I can happily end some of the busiest weeks of my term as DCM. In the past month and a half since my last update; I hired a videographer, finished the strategic plan, we launched our first vlog as part of our “Day in the Life” series, closed our Think Pink campaign and so much more!

Halloween weekend came to a fantastic close with our photobooth and costume competition having some incredible participants (shout out to you Seniors!). I also managed to take my grad photos, which was a stoic reminder that all of this purple is about to come to an end, and I have to write finals.

I’ve been working heavily with Marilyn on the mental health survey so make sure as many of you gaiters are out there answering the survey so we can work with the Quebec Student Union to advocate for better services to help your student experience! The Survey ends on the 26th of November and we need 17% percent to make it count! So far, we’re been doing pretty well, in fact achieving over 1.5% more answers on average compared to other participants in the survey. But that doesn’t mean we can’t overachieve and really show other schools how much we care about our mental health and give the truest representation of the needs we want!

In the next couple of weeks, my focus turns to next semester with planning future campaigns for the upcoming Executive Elections (in February) and Winterfest (along with the rest of our phenomenal executive team). So be on the lookout for videos/picture and more awesome content as well as call outs for Winterfest Volunteers! 

As always, if you ever want to contact me to find out about ways to get your event/fundraiser/anything out there or talk about some ideas for the SRC in our communications and marketing my email is

November 28th 2018

Alexandra Medalsy - 2018-2019 SRC Preseident

Hello Gaiters!

It has been a while since my last update! The grass was greener, the weather much warmer and we were all hanging out outside making new friends and reconnecting with old ones, sharing our summer experiences! Now that the clocks are turned back and the ground in covered, and with the end of the semester in sight, it is more than fitting that I give you another update.

Since we started the semester, I have been quite busy, mainly with meetings and advancements on the Sexual Violence Policy, the Sub Renovations and the Coop business proposal.

The SRC has finally received an updated copy of the Sexual Violence Policy and we initiated  communications with the Dean of Student Affairs to discuss details of said policy. This policy will be made available to the public shortly, and a town hall will be held to hear all our community members comments and concerns. On the issue of the Sub renovations, we are now finalizing the detailed plan and organizing the demolition that will start as soon as next semester. Finally, for the COOP business proposal. If you are unaware of the situation, this topic was brought up in one of our October board of student representative meetings; there is a proposal to switch bookstore companies from Follett to COOP where the University and students would have more of a say on how it is run. This includes and is not limited to store hours, merchandise and book prices, who sits on said committee, the hiring process. Within this deal the COOP, if everything goes according to plan, would also be running Doolittle’s. We are now getting into the finer details of the project and I will keep you all updated when we get more information, but the idea is to get this project up and running by the time that the bookstore is ready to move back into the newly renovated SUB.

As for me personally, I have attended and participated in a few events that really touch close to home. On October 31st, I opened a ceremony that was held to commemorate the shooting in a Synagogue in Pittsburgh during service on October 27th and to address the issues of hate and intolerance. A few speakers, from multiple backgrounds, addressed the students, including Dean Michele Murray, Jesse Dymond, Ahmad Rateb Mohamad Hamdan.  As well as I participated in the Town’s Remembrance Day parade on November 11th  and laid a funeral wreath, on behalf of all of you,  in a effort to never forget and to honour those who fought so valiantly to protect our way of life, during a beautiful event.

November 24th-26th 2018 the executive team will be attending a Quebec student union Caucus being held and hosted by the BU SRC (ask mar) thanks to the hard work of Marilyn Hardy.

These are just some of the recent and bigger projects I have been leading your SRC team on. As always if ever you have any questions or comments, or just want to chat, please feel free to stop by my office or send me an email.

I look forward to seeing everyone back in January and wish you all a happy holiday season , and a very Happy, Successful and Healthy 2019!

P.S. Final update, I’m still not funny and looking for a tutor in this domain. 

Sydney Brennen - 2018-2019 VP Student Life

Joshua Metcalfe Hurst - 2018-2019 Director of Finance

Wow, this semester has flown by and what a time it’s been. I’ve learned a lot between juggling school and everything on my plate, but in this position, I feel I’ve come a long way from where I was at the end of the summer. I’m really comfortable in my role and have a great team working alongside me.

Our next big event that we’ve started planning for is Winterfest 2019! Mark it down on your calendars for Feb. 2nd and tell your friends from other Universities to book it off as well. This Winterfest is going to be even bigger and better than last year, and we want to show everyone the incredible weekend that makes Bishop’s so special. Things will kick off with a wild Ski Lodge style Happy Hour on Jan. 31st. Make sure to throw on your finest apres-ski attire and come ready to have a couple cold ones after a long day on the slopes (in classes).

We’re going to be working with the BU Snow Club to plan for a wicked rail jam in the day on Saturday, with students and guests both competing in ski and board. There will be some awesome prizes, an MC and panel of judges as well. The festival grounds will be surrounded with an ice bar, food, games and DJs mixing all day long.

At night for entertainment, we’ll be switching up the style of music from last year with a big name DJ coming in. Trust me, you guys are going to be stoked. The stage setup is going to be insane and light show is going to create an amazing atmosphere up the quad. We’re also planning to get more heaters for Saturday to help keep everyone warm! For the first years experiencing this for the first time, I hope you’re ready. And for the upper year students, I hope this is unfolds to your best Winterfest yet. We’re always open to feedback, so feel free to talk to us if you have any questions or suggestions regarding the weekend.

Hope everyone’s as stoked as we are. It’s no doubt going to be one for the books, so bring your friends, your neighbor, and the next random person you see walking down the sidewalk. My brother and I have already invited our Mom, so hopefully she’s up for it.