Mar: President

Hello all, I write this to you on a hot and sunny July day hoping you are as thrilled as I am with the summer we are having thus far. Here is an update on what I’ve been working on since May 1st if you have any questions feel free to enjoy but for now enjoy! 

Before beginning my term as President on May 1st, I was tasked with the selection of our 2019 valedictorian’s selection. By the end of May, both of our valedictorians, Molly Sweeny and Tyler Jensen Smith were selected and proudly addressed our students June 8th. 

Throughout this selection, the executive cabinet reviewed and presented an official feedback document on the proposed smoke-free campus policy. Our main recommendation being that the Gait have its own designated smoking area for our events; which as you know are crucial to our extraordinary Bishop’s experience. This was a process that lasted a few weeks and required a lot of collaboration with the Bishop’s administration in order to finally be successful in guaranteeing a location for our students during Gait events. 

In the same period of time, the SRC board of student representatives or BSR for short held a meeting which led to two unanimous votes. The first being that the SRC oppose Bill 21 based on specific recommendations for modifications to the Bill. The second aimed to implement a benefit to reduce the cost of mobile plan costs incurred by 3 executive positions which either need to be available at all times, require excessive data usage, the use of both local and long-distance minutes and or a combination of many factors. 

Furthermore, as mandated by the SRC bylaws I attended three external conferences. The first was a special QSU caucus to prepare recommendations to Bill 21. The second was the annual StudentCare stakeholder meeting where we added legal aid to the student insurance dental portion of the plan for greater accessibility. The Third was the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations or CASA Foundations conference where we discussed many student concerns and priorities for the year to come as well as the Federal elections. 

On another note, a few months ago, I applied to a program which was focused on preventing alcohol harms on campuses across the world. I was selected as one of 3 representatives for our country and the Quebec provincial representative. This meant I had the privilege of attending a week-long conference in Slovenia from June 16-24th which was funded through a governmental grant. There I drafted a project proposal with the help of experts from across the globe and have begun working on it in order to hopefully launch in the fall. This project is basically a guide outlining event planning and student union and or university bars best practices. (Fear not! More details will come shortly.)

Finally, I am beyond thrilled to announce that after four years of SRC efforts and advocacy for a safer crosswalk between little forks and college street, the MTQ has finally announced its plans to put in a stop light for our community. (P.S We are stoked; we hope you are too!)

Anyhow, see you all soon.

Lots of love,


Aunika: VP Academic

Hey Gaiters! I’m so glad to have this chance to tell you about my work thus far as the SRC Vice President of Academic Affairs. Even before my term officially started, I began meeting with certain administration members and getting integrated into the SRC. This gave me and the rest of the team a chance to get to know each other and understand how the SRC functions so we could hit the ground running once our terms commenced. One of the first committees I sat on was the Valedictorian selection committee which was a wonderful way to start the summer and get ready for convocation! 

Since our first official day, May 1st, I have begun doing more hands-on committee work, and long-term prep for the year to come. Some initial projects included hiring our Academic Affairs Manager, Marta Matuzonyte, and the Head Academic Peer Mentor of the Student Success Centre, Alanna Devenny. These two individuals will be responsible for coordinating the various academic support systems and events throughout the year, as we work with our team of Senators, Representatives, 

Counsellors, and Academic Peer Mentors to give the best possible university experience to our students. 

Additionally, I have been working on a project to expand the Student Success Centre alongside our VPSL, Emil Lamontagne, and participating in policy reviews with our President, Marilyn Hardy. Significantly, Mar and I have been reviewing the current Teaching Evaluation Survey with an ad hoc committee of professors and administrators at the university; the format of the tool is being assessed, and a re-structuring is under consideration to make the student-teacher evaluation process more efficient. In addition to this work, I have lent support in the review of the Campus Smoking Policy, wherein the SRC fought to maintain a semi-permanent smoking area on campus (near The Gait during all operating hours) in the wake of the Smoke-Free Campus referendum and subsequent changes to university policies. 

This is just a brief summary of some of the major projects and changes underway for next year, not to mention the daily work of the VPAA on other committees and directly aiding students in their academic careers! I am so grateful to have the opportunity to advocate on behalf of our student body, and I welcome any suggestions or criticisms you might have. Feel free to reach out at the srcacad@ubihops.ca email, or contact me over social media. Raise a Toast! 

Émil: VP Student Life

Hey Gaiters,

The last couple of months have been extremely busy, once the elections were completed I was immediately thrown into the hiring panel for other positions within the SRC such as the Director of Communications and Marketing and the Director of Events. Additionally, we were working extremely hard to choosing and interviewing Judges and Leaders for the 2019 Orientation Week. Once summer started I got a chance to settle into the new position but I was still taking two spring classes. Now, I am very excited to say that I have been working hard alongside student services but more importantly Jordi Hepburn who is a counselor on campus, on a new mental health initiative. Our project is to build a Peer Support Center. We’re currently figuring out the logistics of the project, the placement of the room, building the training and making sure that this project is launched at the best of its ability. This will allow Bishop’s to grow its sense of community even more by allowing trained students in active listening to be a resource on campus but also having space where students can go, relax and simply be together in a positive atmosphere. Additionally, I am working with Aunika Braun, the VP Academics, on renewing our tutoring system on campus, we aim to have a more efficient and simple tutoring system that will allow students to pick and chose the tutors they want, you can think of it as an “Uber Eats” but for Tutoring. I am also working on planning activities for the course of the year such as a Tailgate at an Alouettes Football Game, puppy days, as well as exciting new activities.  For the upcoming orientation week, I am also working closely with Véronic St-Cyr, the Director of Events, on creating exciting activities for the week such as Let Go like Apollo, which is karaoke night. We are also building a new initiative focused on responsible drinking. It will create a conversation between peers about the risks of overconsumption and about following your own limits when it comes to alcohol, rather than a lesson from a superior. Also, I’ve had the chance to sit on different committees and have meetings with faculty members from the university discussing different changes to campus such as our new Smoking Policy. Finally, I also had the chance to represent the BUSRC alongside Marilyn Hardy, the President, at a conference in Montreal held by Student Care and learn some fascinating insight from great guest speakers and learn about new coverage that will be included for students through the Student Care insurance.

If you have any questions about any of the projects mentioned above please do not hesitate to contact me at srcstu@ubishops.ca.


Émil Lamontagne, Vice President Student Life.

Naomie: VP External

Howdy Gaiters,

We’ve been in office for 2 months now but it feels like so much more. We’ve accomplished so much and this is just the beginning! The week I was elected I had the chance to go to a Quebec Student Union Caucus with the outgoing VP External Marilyn Hardy. It was also their general meeting and they had lots of things planned for us including a blanket exercise which is an exercise to bring awareness about the indigenous peoples of Canada and their past and current suffrage. It was truly eye opening and as soon as my mandate started on May 1st, 2019 we got in contact with Melissa Poirier our Indigenous student support coordinator to establish a better connection and see what our students needed from us. One of our missions this year is to make sure that our student body at large feels represented by their SRC. On the third day in I had the opportunity to attend the launching of Honourable Mme. Bibeau’s “Parlons Environment” Project, for better sustainable living. I then attended a special Caucus with the Quebec Student Union about Bill 21 and our position on it. Our President Marilyn Hardy drafted document about our stance on it and it was voted on at our special summer BSR. Later in the month of May, I travelled to Ottawa along with Marilyn to the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations Foundations conference. It’s a conference to establish our goals for the year, we came back from this conference with a lot of new innovative ideas for Bishop’s as well as a better idea of how to be culturally competent in the workplace and at school. This was important to us as we are looking at adding an Indigenous Students’ Representative as well as a Cultural Diversity Representative to our board.

The month of June was also very busy I went to a lot of Quebec Student Union events including the board meeting, a caucus, and the training camp which they hold each year for newly elected students. Finally, I went to the Lennoxville borough town hall which was held on June 25th to making sure that you were all well represented there.

This next month I will be away but still working on quite a few projects including a new sexual violence prevention initiative, as well as the SRC’s strategic plan for the year.

That’s all for me, for now. We’ve got a crazy year planned for you all, we’re working hard!

If you have any questions feel free to come by my office or send me an email at srcexternal@ubishops.ca

It’s going to be a good year Gaiters!


Naomie Mazzola, Vice President External Affairs

Adam: Director of Finance

Hey Gaiters! Since I began my term on May 1st, I have been staying busy working with the rest of my team in preparation for the upcoming awesome school year. The past two months have really flown by and I cannot wait to get the year started with Orientation Week! In the meantime, I am sure all you have been thinking about is what your Director of Finance has been up to over the summer so far. My first week was pretty much encapsulated by a few training sessions, organizing my office space and really just getting accustomed to the new position. After that, I started to get cracking on this year’s Orientation Week budget to help everyone on the team get a better idea of what we were looking at financially. When that was done, the other executives and I came up with an awesome sponsorship package that we then sent out to potentially interested parties. Getting the word out there was a lot of fun and the amount of responses we have been receiving has been really promising. I have also been in contact with a few suppliers for the Orientation Week merchandise and swag. Other than the fun Orientation Week items, I have been working with my colleagues on some of their awesome projects for the year to help make them financially feasible. I also hope to come up with a 2019-2020 budget in the coming weeks, which I will get started on just as soon as last year’s official numbers are finalized. That pretty much summarizes the big ticket items I have been working on over the summer so far.  I just want to finish by saying I am super hyped for this year and what it will bring!

Brooklynn: Director of Communications and Marketing

Hello everyone and welcome to the DCMs summer update! We hit the ground running with the start of the term and it’s been non-stop ever since. It started with assisting in the hiring of all the leaders and judges for oweek, then straight into its planning and marketing. I was also given all the passwords to almost every SRC account ever so I did my snooping trying to see what we can do to improve in the coming years and what we’ve already been rocking in. I’ve also meet up with an old friend, InDesign to create this year's student handbook. The last time I was able to use the program was in my graduation year of high school so there was some catching up to do however, it’s just like riding a bike and I’m so excited for all of you to see it! I’ve also hired my Social Media Manager for the school year and am looking to hire more positions late July and early August so look out for those at busrc.com/jobs. I’m also excited to be revamping the SRC’s social media policies (or lack thereof) and the implementation of an emergency communications protocol that was started with the previous DCM Darcie. In addition, I’m excited to spouse up our website (the one you’re on right now!) as well as see what I can do to make the Bubble better. Let me know if you have any suggestions at src@ubishops.ca. This year is going to be rad as heck, and I can’t wait to see you all again.

V: Director of Events

Hi Gaiters! 

This summer has been incredibly productive and I can’t believe we’re already halfway through. So far as the new Director Of Events I’ve focused all of my attention on planning and organizing Orientation Week - this includes hiring Leaders & Judges, finalizing the O- Week schedule, picking the theme, picking the events and booking the venues. Recently I booked the Concert night artist has worked closely with Adam, our DFO on sponsorships for the events and I’m very excited to meet all the incoming first years and make this O-Week the greatest one yet. 

Apart from O-Week I have finalized a date for Winterfest and began looking at venues to host Grad Formal. 

I’m the coming weeks I’ll be focusing my attention on ironing out all the details for O-Week in order to make sure it runs as smoothly as possible. I also plan on working closely with the executive team, especially our DCM, on the O-Week video and have many ideas that I'm very excited about!