Email Prevention Strategies

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Alternative means of communication


The Campus

Helen Tintpulver:

Bishop's University Communications Office


Sending out Mass emails: Best Practices


Good Practice:

  • Creation of a weekly digest email to be circulated by department secretaries
  • Double proof-reading for errors, missing information and inaccuracies
  • Single-subject emails should:
    • be regarding something critical for students to know
    • ex: health, safety, security, financial information, course registration

Bad Practice:

  • Emails pertaining to a single subject that is not relevant to most students
  • For-profit email advertisements should not be sent out by anyone
  • Information relating to only 1 division or department
    • ex: education student exclusive event
  • Calls for research subjects should not be sent out as they come in, they should be amalgamated into a digest where students can easily browse research opportunities


  • Anything related specifically to the department or division should be routed here
    • broader outreach may be achieved through social media
  • Send out amalgamated emails whenever possible


  • Feel free to communicate as required on a professor to student level
  • These emails are directed specifically at students of the relevant class and are therefore not covered under the description of "mass email"