cecil belanger | Gait Operations Manager

I bring the west coast country to the east coast school. I am originally from Langley, British Columbia and moved to Sherbrooke to chase the dream of being a professional athlete. Unfortunately, we know that, that story ends. Yet here I am, a 4th year Business student studying in marketing and entrepreneurship. After being a student athlete, strutting my stuff at Fashion Show and performing in front of any microphone I could, I wanted to shift gears. Coming to my final year at Bishop’s, I am happy to say I can focus my efforts as your Operations Manager. I will be managing the day to day operations of the Gait Alongside Nick Pelkmans. Some of my responsibilities include hiring and training staff, communication with suppliers, and implementing strategies to improve our beloved watering hole. I strive to make The Gait an inclusive, exciting, and safe place where our tightknit community can enjoy ourselves in a way only Gaiters know how. So, raise your beer mugs and your little brown jugs to BISHOP’S UNIVERSITY!!! 



nick pelkmans |  Gait Entertainment & Events Manager

I've been in love with Bishop's since the first time I walked on campus. I visited Bishop's three times before ultimately deciding it was home- I came for Halloweekend, Homecoming and then Winterfest. I was immediately struck by the sense of community, the open hearts and purple pride that are such significant pillars of student life on campus. Before coming to Bishop's I called London, Ontario home and spent my formative years playing football, wrestling and yelling nonstop. After graduating with a college diploma in Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship I ended up working as a Commercial Insurance Broker for a year before realizing I could probably spend a few more years yelling and covering my body in purple paint.

I am a third year Business Administration Major with a Concentration in Accounting. After being a proud part of The Gait for two years, I've been lucky enough to be selected as next year's Entertainment and Events Manager and am thrilled to be working with Cecil Belanger and the rest of our team towards the best year at BU yet. We have big events planned, along with our usual Happy Hour themes and Saturday Gait Nights but would love to hear from any Gaiters on how to make this year stand out! The Gait is yours, and you shouldn't forget it!



GRACE MCDOUGALD |  Doolittle’s OPerations Manager

Hi Bishops’! I’m Grace McDougald and I’ll be this year’s Manager of Doolittle’s. After venturing to Lennoxville in 2016 from my small and humble hometown, Toronto, I’ve made it to my 4th and final year here. My major is Global Management and Leadership with a minor in Sociology and a profile in Information Technology (a mouthful at family events). I took a risk and came to Bishop’s not knowing a single soul and I’ve grown to make some of my closest and life-long friends… very cliche but bear with me. As am sure most of you reading this can relate, I can’t see myself having gone anywhere else!

As Doolittle’s manager I’ll be responsible for things you may expect - managing staff, inventory, and upkeep of the store - but my role is to also create and promote a space that speaks with/for the students. The small but mighty Doolittle’s has more to offer than just a candy bar and a Coke and I’d love to shine some light onto that this year (following Merrin’s fabulous work of doing so last year). Although I’m new to the SRC’s operations, I’m excited to bring my A-game to the table and try out some new ways of doing things. Let’s “Doo” this! (sorry, I had to). See you around campus! Grace