Joshua Metcalfe hurst |  DIRECTOR OF FINANCE


My name’s Josh and I’m currently in my last year at Bishop’s, pursuing a double concentration in Finance and Marketing. I’m super stoked to be your Director of Finance this year, known in the past as the DOF. Over the last two years I’ve worked as the Gait Events & Entertainment Manager, so I have a pretty good understanding of the SRC and its internal operations. Through working amongst the SRC for tons of events and other initiatives during my time at BU, I’ve learned a lot about the different roles and what we do. I hope that during my time this year, I can translate my knowledge to you guys and be there to support the student body at all times.

This year, I’m hoping to help the Gait and Doolittles reach their best possible potential, while also bringing the students an amazing O-Week and Winterfest. Being in charge of the budget, I’m striving for transparency, so please feel free to come to me with any questions or concerns you may have.

As for a bit about myself, I’m from Vancouver, BC and I drove 16 days across the country to get to this beautiful place in my first year. In my spare time I like covering muddy puddles with wool coats and saving kittens from trees. I also enjoy long walks on the beach during golden hour.

For you returning students, I hope you’re up for another incredible year and for you first years - congratulations on choosing the best University in Canada.


Gelsey Latonio | Gait Operations Manager


I like to think of myself as the girl with the spirit of the big city and the heart of a small town. I am originally from Vancouver and moved to Sherbrooke to work as a language assistant for a number of schools in the Eastern Townships. In that time, I discovered Bishop’s and have happily been a Gaiter for the last two years. While I have been pursuing my Honours in English Literature and minor in Psychology, you may have spotted me walking down the runway at Fashion Show, hosting a SRC trivia night, or organizing your departmental wine and cheese. Coming into my final year at Bishop’s, I am shifting gears and focusing my efforts on The Gait as your Operations Manager. Alongside Ashton Glenn, Josh Metcalfe, and the rest of your Operations team, I will be managing the day to day operations of The Gait. Some of my responsibilities include hiring and supervising staff, making orders, executing yearly events, and coming up with strategies to improve our beloved watering hole. On a more personal note, I strive to create an inclusive, accessible, and safe space in which our community can gather and enjoy ourselves the way only Gaiters know how. Please feel free to offer any ideas or suggestions, I’d love to hear them! Otherwise, come chat with me about the craft beer scene in Sherbrooke or my famous Hollandaise sauce recipe while I whip up some of the most renowned mojitos on campus. Cheers friends!



Ashton Glenn |  Gait Entertainment & Events Manager


Halfway through August 2015, I left Oakville, Ontario and set off to join fellow rookies as well as the veteran rugby players, for a training camp. Upon arrival, I instantly saw myself as a Gaiter and I am still glad I came to the right university. A few years later, after completing my third year here at the Williams School of Business, my second year of playing varsity rugby and plenty other involvement in the Bishop's community, my appreciation for the school has only grown. 

Next year I will be looking to complete my Marketing & Entrepreneurship Degree coupled with an Economics Minor. Besides academics and sports, I am thrilled to be the Gait Entertainment & Events Manager throughout my final year. Alongside Gelsey and the rest of the Gait team, I will be doing my part in making sure every night is fun and memorable! As for themed nights, we’ll be keeping traditions strong but also come up with new ideas to ensure students have the best possible experience year-round at the Gait. Feel free to share some feedback as well as suggest ideas as our team is aiming to make this year packed with wild nights!



Merrin VIckers |  Doolittle’s OPerations Manager


Mom, I am going to work here one day" I said as I peered into the shadowed window of Doolittles during my tour the summer before starting here 3 years ago. I aspired to be a Doo Crew member and less than 6 months later I was! Who would have known 3 years after that magical moment I would be your Doolittles Manager! A tiny town in Ontario is where I call home, but Lenn definitely has my heart. From being a biochemistry student, to running in student elections, being on the executive team of the BU Cheerleaders, part of MedLife, PreMed Club and much more BU definitely has been keeping me busy. All BU Students learn to love and utilize Doolittles - for various reasons of course, but this year I hope to make it everyone's Need-To-Go place on campus (aside from classes of course). Can't wait to see all of your Smiling Faces in the store, or around campus!