Hannah Quinlan |  environmental sustainability representative


Hey!! My name is Hannah, and I will be your new Environmental and Sustainability representative! I am a 3rd year studying sociology and psychology. Hey Bishop's!! My goal is to improve the environmental practice on campus and in the community. Together we can strive to encourage positive transformations as a means to promote sustainability across our University. By protecting our local environment, we can preserve what we value most - our earth. I am so passionate about the environment and I hope that we can inspire and empower our purple family to become as green as we can be. And by being greener, we can enrich the quality of our lives!!


Naomie Mazzola |  health and Wellness Representative


What’s up BU!

Raise a toast because this Gaiter is back in town!

Yes, I was at BU in 2014/2015 and I’m really excited to be back! This time around I’m completing a BA in Applied Psychology with a Biology minor. I’m from the Friendly island of Saint Martin/ Sint Maarten in the Caribbean (The one with the airplanes taking off and landing next to the beach) 

Just like my island I’m very friendly, and really strive to help as many people as I can. 

I am really happy to be your  Health and Wellness Representative this year. It is important to me that each and everyone of you is getting what they need to succeed. I will work hard to keep promoting the health and wellness resources BU has to offer as well as working on creating some new ones. I’m really looking forward to building a better purple with you and for you.

Remember difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. Love you Gaiters! 




Hi everyone! My name is Paul-Lou, I will soon become a third year student majoring in Media and Cinema studies, and minoring in Journalism as well as International Studies. I am very proud to have been chosen as the Equity Representative for this coming year and I can assure you I will do my best to fulfil your demands as fellow gaiters. Together, we’ll make sure your propositions and ideas as well as concerns or issues don’t remain unheard. The benefit of a small university is how close you can get to people, make new friends, have a new family, in a sense, be home. That’s the way I feel about Bishop’s University and as the Equity Representative this year, I want you guys to be as proud of it as I am.




Hey Gaiters!

My name is Sara Spieth, and I am a Liberal Arts major. I’m from Indianapolis, IN, and, fun fact, I know ASL. My goal as first year rep is to make sure that everyone has the best experience possible at Bishops. My hope is to keep improving Bishop’s, not only for the current student body, but also for those to come. 

If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas, I am always willing to listen; and I will do my best to implement what your suggestions. I’m here for all of you, and I am very friendly so don’t be scared to come and talk to me. I truly care about every one of you and for this university. 

Let’s have a great year together, Gaiters!


Enzo Evangelisti | On Campus Representative


Hey Everyone!

I’m Enzo, a first year applied psychology student and your On-Campus Representative for this academic year. I am really looking forward to ensuring that your time on campus is a positive and enjoyable one! If ever you have any comments or suggestions revolving around your time on campus or otherwise, please don’t be shy to speak to me and I will ensure that it is addressed or help you in any way I can. I can’t wait to meet as many of you as possible!