Mission Statement:

The mission of the SRC Volunteer Database is to increase community engagement amongst the Student Association (SA) and the SRC. We strive to foster a sense of philanthropy and citizenship and create active and engaged Gaiters in the Bishop’s community. 


Volunteer Database

Want to get involved in some of the amazing events that will be run at the university? Want to meet other fun people while giving back to Bishop's? Then sign up to be a volunteer! 

It's a great way to help out the university that doesn't require too much effort. Whether it be watching the puppies at puppy day, or serving drinks to people at an ice bar during Winterfest, you're bound to have a good time and feel good afterwards knowing that you made a difference for the better for the school that day.

So go ahead and take two minutes to fill in your basic info below and be a part of the force that makes Bishop's the lively place that it is!

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